WATCH: Couple Walking Their Dog in New York City Deliver Bloody and Painful Lesson to Would-Be Attacker

Credit: NYPD/ NY Post Video screenshot

A man’s attempted assault on a couple walking their dog quickly blew up in his face when they delivered a bloody and painful lesson he is sure never to forget.

As The New York Post reported, a man and woman were strolling the streets near 49th and Broadway in Woodside around 2:45 p.m. when the 37-year-old thug thought he spotted a pair of helpless victims and could perhaps make off with an easy score. The other man was riding in a scooter due to a foot injury.

Footage released by the New York Police Department (NYPD) shows the man sneaking up behind the couple as they strolled the streets with their pup. The suspect then throws his coat aside and pounces on the man in the scooter.

But things quickly go haywire for the assailant. The would-be victim immediately tosses the thug to the ground and starts raining blows at him.

Credit: NYPD/ NY Post Video screenshot

The woman then starts pounding away at the man. They refuse to show any mercy even after the attacker seemingly tries to escape.


The Post reveals they finally separated but continued shouting at one another. The thug then reportedly backed up toward the security camera and had a significant bloody wound near the crown of his head.

Bystanders then put an end to the fight when by stepping between the couple and the man.

The New York Police Department revealed the perpetrator was taken to Elmhurst Hospital with multiple stab wounds. He is in stable condition at the moment.

The Post reports that while no arrests have been made, the cops are on the hunt for two suspects.


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