WATCH: Biden Regime Official Makes Major Mistake When He Reveals His Job to Comedian


It turns out that comedy is not entirely dead after all.

During a recent performance at The Laugh Factory in Chicago, comedian Josh Ocean Thomas was on stage when he briefly ditched his comedy routine after eliciting a political confession from a person in the audience. The audience member, calling himself “Nick,” made a major mistake when he revealed to Thomas that he worked for the Biden regime.

Thomas is a Tunisian stand-up comedian who moved to Chicago from San Diego to pursue his career. Laugh Factory notes that he was a child magician before making the switch to comedy.

A dumbfounded Thomas could not believe what he was hearing and mockingly asked “Nick” what he does for Biden. After not getting an initial response, Thomas tells “Nick” he would have been prouder if he said he was a hooker.

When “Nick” says he travels to the South to persuade people to back Biden, Thomas ratchets his mockery even further while the audience erupts in hysterical laughter. He colorfully says “Nick” is short on brain cells and queries how quickly he’s ready to lose his job.

Thomas posted video footage of the entire exchange Sunday on his Instagram and YouTube pages:



Thomas: Nick, what do you do for a living now?

“Nick”: I work for the Biden Administration.

Thomas (flabbergasted): You work for the Biden administration? Is it your job to wake him up? Or what’s your job? (Mimicking man trying to wake up Biden) “Hey, hey, there’s a war! Hey!”

Okay, what do you do for the Biden administration? What a sh*t show of a job you have!

“Nick”: (No response)

Thomas: I can’t believe you admitted that in front of all of these people! You have the freedom to lie. You could have said you were a hooker, and I would have been prouder of ya!

What do you do?

“Nick”: I travel to southern states.

(Thomas makes raspberry noises as the audience laughs, then pretends to walk off the stage)

Thomas: You go to the South and try to sell them on Biden?! You’re f**king r**arded! What the f**k?!

What are you talking about? That’s your f**king job?!….Wow. Are you ready to be unemployed or what’s your vibe?


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