WATCH: “Andrew Cuomo, Complete Jackass, No One Liked Him… Gavin’s Just a Prick” – NH Governor Chris Sununu Slams CA Governor Gavin Newsom and Former NY Governor Andrew Cuomo

New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu on Thursday slammed California Governor Gavin Newsom as “a prick,” former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo as “a jackass,” and both of them as “two real Governors that really nobody liked.”

“Even the Democrats, they won’t tell you out loud, but behind closed doors, they’re like, ‘Oh God, look who’s coming,'” Sununu said of Newsom, whose state looks like a third-world sh*t hole country with rampant homelessness and crime.

Sununu called Cuomo, who resigned in 2021 amid sexual harassment scandals, a “jackass” who “nobody liked.”

Finally, he got something right.

The Gateway Pundit reported that RINO Chris Sununu has been trashing Trump for years. Earlier this year, he told Fox News host Harris Faulkner that Trump is too old and can barely think coherently.

Sununu is a Trump hater who backed toxic RINO Nikki Haley for President after suggesting that he was thinking of running for President and falsely claimed that Trump could not beat Biden this November.

WATCH: New Hampshire’s RINO Governor Sununu Trashes Trump Ahead of Republican Primary – Trump Responds

Even a broken clock is right twice a day... But calling two of the worst Democratic governors in America "jackass" and "prick" isn't that impressive.

Per Politico:

During a fireside chat at the Reagan Institute Summit on Education in Washington, D.C., on Thursday, Sununu was asked by moderator Fred Ryan who were the governors “no one really cared for.” And Sununu did not mince his words.

Newsom’s office declined to comment on Sununu’s remarks.

Cuomo spokesperson Rich Azzopardi said on Friday in response to Sununu that “it’s nice to see they both feel the same way about each other.”

Even on the Democratic side, Newsom dealt with a soft jab from Illinois Gov. JB Pritzker in February. Pritzker, bragging about Illinois’ balanced budget, said “California, for example, has a $38 billion deficit to contend with.”

Watch below:

Sununu: Look, almost all the governors get along. I mean, in my eight years, I can honestly tell you there's really only been two, maybe a third, but two real Governors that really nobody liked, nobody cared for: Andrew Cuomo, complete jackass, no one liked him, and I gotta be honest, no one cares for Gavin. Gavin's just a prick. Excuse me. He just is. It's really disappointing; all of us got along for a while, but even the Democrats, they won't tell you out loud, but behind closed doors, they're like, 'Oh God, look who's coming.' You know, they all roll their eyes!

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