Voter GA Reports 1.7 Million 2020 Election Ballot Images Were Destroyed in Georgia

Guest post by Joe Hoft at – republished with permission

Garland Favorito and Voter GA have evidence that 1.7 million ballot images across Georgia from the 2020 Election disappeared and/or were destroyed.

Favorito and VoterGA presented information in a press conference in November of 2021. In this presentation, VoterGA reported that ballot images that are required by law to be maintained by the state after every election were missing and apparently destroyed in multiple counties across Georgia. He provided a map of these counties.

74 out of 159 counties did not provide ballot images indicating that they were destroyed.

Again, destroying ballot images goes against Federal and State law.

Here is one slide from the presentation showing 325,000 missing ballot images in Cobb County alone.

Favorito and VoterGA reported this information in a presentation that is now online and shared below:

At the time of that presentation, VoterGA apparently did not have the total number of ballots represented by the 74 counties that could not supply ballot images when requested.

A slide from a presentation a few weeks later included that amount.

1.74 million ballot images disappeared and/or were destroyed in Georgia after the 2020 Election.

This is not entirely a surprise as we now know that signature verification was not performed for mail in ballots in Fulton County.

Despite all this evidence, Georgia’s Secretary of State office employee Gabe Sterling calls those who report on election issues in the 2020 election in Georgia “Liars”.

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Georgia’s Gabe Sterling Insinuates Georgians Who Claim There Were Issues in 2020 Election Are “Liars” Including Governor Kemp Who Confirmed 2020 Election Issues


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