UPDATE, PART ONE: Merrick Garland Approved Use of Deadly Force at Mar-a-Lago Raid — Made Plans for Casualties — Brought Medic — And Handed Out Directions to Local Trauma Center (VIDEO)

Armed FBI agents storm President Trump’s home at Mar-a-Lago in August 2022 looking for incriminating documents – reportedly about them. The Biden DOJ authorized deadly force for the raid.

Part One–
Judge Aileen Cannon on Tuesday unsealed numerous motions related to Jack Smith’s classified documents case against Trump. The documents included evidence that Joe Biden was ready to have his main political rival Donald Trump and his family killed for a publicity stunt!

Of course, if ANY OTHER SH*THOLE COUNTRY did this to a political rival the Biden regime would be lecturing that country about human rights. Joe Biden has single-handedly destroyed all civilized norms for this great nation.

FBI agents scattered Trump’s personal papers around the floor for their photos.

This is an absolutely shocking development.

Cristina Laila reported earlier that one filing revealed Biden’s FBI authorized the use of deadly force during their raid on Mar-a-Lago authorized by US Attorney General Merrick Garland in August 2022.

But there is even more shocking information included in the released report.

The Biden regime not only approved deadly force at President Trump’s home where Secret Service members are stationed every day but they also made plans for casualties.

The Biden DOJ and Chris Wray’s FBI also set up a triage unit and notified a local trauma unit to prepare for casualties.

The FBI also authorized agents to raid the guest rooms at Mar-a-Lago and terrorize the guests there.

It now looks like our government is now the American people’s number one enemy.

Investigative reporter Julie Kelly joined Steve Bannon on The War Room on Tuesday afternoon to discuss this shocking development.

Julie Kelly: Part of this disclosure today, as I’m reading through this, Steve, and I really had to read it a few times to believe it, is that in the FBI operations plan, they give guidance on the use of W-4 at Mar-a-Lago. This is part of this 20-page whatever plan that the FBI and enforcement put together. In addition to that, they discussed how these agents, they had about 30 agents, 25 from Miami, four from Washington Field Office, who were armed. They had weapons, they had ammo, They had handcuffs, and they talked about what would happen if Donald Trump showed up at Mar-a-Lago during this raid.

Steve Bannon: I want to go back for a second to number one, the use of deadly force. Didn’t I also see in your Twitter stream that they also had a plan for triaging people if they had casualties and they actually had notified or they had a place to take people if they had casualties? Did I read that incorrectly?

Julie Kelly: No, you read it correctly. With the FBI team, Embedded was a medic, and they talked about in another form how to treat anyone who is injured during the raid. They identified a trauma center about 18 miles from Mar-a-Lago, and they inserted a map of how to get from Mar-a-Lago to this trauma center if anyone was injured or hurt during the raid.

Steve Bannon: Okay, don’t bury the lead. There’s one lead, and this is it. They actually got authority for use of deadly force, and they had plans for casualties. They brought a medic. They had plans for casualties. They had a trauma center set up, and they had a map to the trauma center. That’s all part of a component of one thing, I take it, Julie Kelly?

Julie Kelly: Correct. This is part of the plan to conduct the nine-hour raid, armed raid of Mar-a-Lago. I know some other people are extrapolating that this was a plan to harm the former president or someone at Mar-a-Lago. Staff, the God forbid, his family. I’m not so sure that that is where this leads, but it’s not hard to come…

Steve Bannon: Hang on, why use a deadly force against a former President of the United States who just had an election stolen from him? Yes, a year before. Hang on for one second… Times of Turbulence. Julie Kelly walks through these documents, these are the documents that have been hidden from view. This is why Judge Canon is so furious… We keep going down this route. It’s going to be the End of the American Republic.

This was an incredible interview.

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