Criminal Climate Activists Attempt to Use Hammer and Chisel to Smash Glass Protecting the Magna Carta (Video)

Unhinged environmental activists attempted to smash the case, holding the historic Magna Carta. Image: video screenshot.

The unhinged climate activists from Stop Oil are at it again.

Two elderly protestors, Reverend Dr. Sue Parfitt, 82, and Judy Bruce, an 85-year-old retired biology teacher, entered the British Library, where two of the four surviving copies of the Magna Carta reside, and attempted to use a chisel and hammer to break the glass case protecting the historic document.

The Magna Carta is the first document to put into writing the principle that the King and his government were not above the law.

The two held a sign that read, “The government is breaking the law” and asked, “Is the government above the law?”


Sky News reports:

Rev Parfitt said: “The Magna Carta is rightly revered, being of great importance to our history, to our freedoms and to our laws.

“But there will be no freedom, no lawfulness, no rights, if we allow climate breakdown to become the catastrophe that is now threatened.”

In a statement, the British Library confirmed two people had “attacked the toughened glass case” containing the landmark charter in its treasures gallery.

“The library’s security team intervened to prevent further damage to the case, which was minimal,” it said.

The Gateway Pundit has reported on the global rise of vandalism and public temper tantrums by unhinged climate activists.

In October 2022, two disturbed women from the activist group Just Stop Oil threw tomato soup over Vincent van Gogh’s ‘Sunflowers’ on display at London’s National Gallery.

In June 2022, another pair from Just Stop Oil glued themselves to the frame of another Vincent Van Gogh painting.

In France, a 36-year-old man dressed as an old lady tried to break the glass protecting the famous Mona Lisa painting before throwing a cake on its surface.

Claude Monet’s ‘Les Meules,’ displayed at the Potsdam Barberini Museum in Germany, was attacked by an alliance of German and Austrian activists,  Letzte Generation (Last Generation.)

In March, Letzte Generation also vandalized an artwork near the German parliament building.

Vandals smeared black and red paint on the glass case and pedestal of Edgar Degas’ famous and beloved sculpture “Little Dancer Aged Fourteen” displayed at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C.


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