Unfit for Command: Dementia Joe Biden Trips and Almost Falls at DC Event Honoring Fallen Officers (VIDEO)

Credit: @RNCResearch

Joe Biden came close to suffering another embarrassing fall while attending the National Peace Officers’ Memorial Service on Wednesday in Washington, DC.

This event honors all of the fallen officers who laid down their lives for America. Biden, of course, makes a regular habit of disrespecting those in uniform and falsely portraying himself as a Gold Star Dad.

As the elderly White House occupantslowly walks up to the stage to spread his usual lies, he catches his foot on a step and trips. Fortunately for Biden, he somehow regains his balance and manages to make it to the podium without further incident.

RNC Research, billed as Biden’s least favorite social media account, caught footage of the so-called “president’s” near fall.


Biden’s age and fitness are his top vulnerabilities with voters as he prepares for his rematch against President Donald Trump this November.

The embarrassing scene also comes just a few hours after Biden challenged Donald Trump to two separate debates, which the 45th President immediately accepted. CNN will host the first one on June 27 while ABC will welcome the two candidates on September 10.

Trump has accepted a third debate hosted by Fox News on October 2nd. Biden has yet to respond at the time of this writing.

As Gateway Pundit readers know, Biden has suffered balance issues since assuming power. Arguably the two most infamous incidents were when he collapsed several times going up the Air Force One stairs back in August 2021 and when he fell flat on his face in June 2023 while attending a graduation ceremony for the U.S. Air Force Academy in El Paso County, Colorado.

He cannot even manage to stay on his bike without having an accident!

At this point, it is fair to wonder whether Biden can make it to the debate stage without stumbling to the ground. Such an incident could end the election on the spot.


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