Ukrainian Frontline Colonel Admits Country Will Have To Cede Territories to Russia in Peace Negotiations – Calls It ‘A Victory’

Long gone are the days when Ukraine was at least winning the war on the western news sites’ headlines.

Now, slowly but surely, the MSM has had to face the fact that the outmanned, outgunned and outmaneuvered Ukrainian forces will not win this war on the battlefield, will not get back to pre-war borders, much less reincorporate the Crimean peninsula.

And up until a minute ago, to state the obvious fact that Ukraine will have to cede territory during peace negotiations with Russia got you branded as a ‘Kremlin stooge’ or worse, and only the most courageous politicians, such as Hungarian Viktor Orbán, Slovak Robert Fico as well as American Donald Trump, dared utter these words.

But now, that exact same unavoidable fact has been splashed on ABC News, and voiced by a frontline leader from the Ukrainian army – someone who can’t be shaded as a ‘Vladimir Putin’s shill’.

We are talking about the leader of Ukraine’s 57th Motorized Brigade, an infantry unit battling the new Russian offensive North of Kharkov.

Colonel Oleksandr Bakulin was interviewed by ABC News in the presence of a ‘senior Army leader’ at a secret location.

I’m stressing this fact because I believe it shows that Bakulin has not ‘gone rogue’ in the surprising thing he said.

The situation in the Northern Kharkiv region is ‘quite difficult’, Bakulin says, but Ukrainians ‘managed to slow down the enemy’.

(Of course, as reinforcements for North, Kleesheva, Andreevka and other localities further south are falling prey to Russian advances – which was always Moscow’s plan.)

Furthermore, Bakulin said that the Russians still have reserves [in Belgorod near Kharkov] and are poised to bring these reserves into the battle when the time is ripe.

ABC News reported:

“’We do understand how crucial this [US] aid is’, Bakulin said. ‘The whole the world understands. Yes, our soldiers are brave and courageous, but without this aid, these weapons, shells, everything, without this we would not be able to keep fighting in a war against Russia, just because we are way smaller than Russia‘.”

Bakulin called the Ukrainian army retreating ‘a normal part of the ebb and flow of warfare’. But he introduces the ‘novel’ idea that ‘Ukraine has already won’.

“Despite the advances made but the Russians, he pushed back at the idea that Ukraine is losing the war, saying, ‘I personally think that we have already won this war. The question is at what point it is going to end, and at what stage’.

Bakulin said he predicts that in the end this war will be ended by a deal, saying, ‘Every war ends in peace talks and deals’.”

This is unprecedented, and introduces the new narrative: by merely surviving the war, Ukraine wins.

But Bakulin wasn’t done: he accepted that territory will need to be given up during negotiations, citing the experience of nearby Finland.

“’Little Finland once fought against big USSR’, Bakulin said. ‘Yes, it lost some territories. But it still does exist as a country and Russia doesn’t even look in that direction. We are in a similar position, but I hope we will not lose our land’.”

Now, let me reming you that a ‘senior Army leader’ was present at the interview, showing that this line of narrative ‘Ukraine wins the war merely by surviving’, has authorization to be floated.

“The war is far from over and the lack of heavy weaponry is still operationally critical. He put it succinctly when asked about the casualties caused by the lack of armaments, saying ‘The sweat of the artillery soldiers saves the blood of the infantry soldiers. But if there is only sweat without the shells, then infantry soldiers pay it with their blood’.”

Bakulin’s interview it’s just a cope, but also introduces a new ‘objective’ that is actually perfectly obtainable.

Let’s see if this will become the new mantra: ‘Ukraine already won’.

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