Trump’s Attorneys File Motion For Mistrial After Stormy Daniels Takes the Stand

Trump’s attorneys filed a motion for mistrial on Thursday after Stormy Daniels took the witness stand.

Stormy Daniels took the witness stand again Thursday in Alvin Bragg’s lawfare ‘hush money’ trial against Trump in New York City.

Trump was accused of paying porn star Stormy Daniels, AKA, Stephanie Clifford, ‘hush payments’ through his then-attorney Michael Cohen in a scheme to silence her and stop the story about their alleged affair from being published in the National Enquirer.

The payments made to Stormy Daniels did NOT come from Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign.

The payments were made through internal business records – there was no tax deduction taken and there was no obligation to file it with the FEC, according to Trump attorney Joe Tacopina.

Bragg alleged Trump committed fraud because the payment was labeled “legal fees.”

Stormy sparred with Trump’s lawyers on Thursday over her claims she had a sexual encounter with Trump back in 2006.

Stormy blew it on the witness stand on Tuesday.

Stormy testified to irrelevant yet very salacious details about her sexual encounter with Trump that allegedly happened many years ago.

She was also reportedly making scripted jokes in the courtroom to win over the jury but nobody was laughing.

Trump’s attorneys on Tuesday moved for a mistrial over Stormy Daniels’ testimony, but the crooked judge rejected it.

“What’s the jury to do with that? It’s still extraordinarily prejudicial to insert safety — safety concerns into a trial about business records. There’s no way to unring the bell in our view,” Trump’s attorney Todd Blanche argued.

“As a threshold matter, Mr. Blanche, I agree that there were things that would have been better left unsaid. I think the witness was a little difficult to control,” Judge Merchan said, according to ABC News.

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