Travel Influencer Found Dead While Under Investigation for Child Porn

A travel influencer and vlogger from Argentina has been found dead while under investigation for child pornography.

The body of Leonel Esteban Borroni, 40, known online as the “Traveling Lion,” was found by his brother-in-law at his home in Buenos Aires on May 17.

Borroni’s mother had sent the brother-in-law to check on him when he stopped responding to phone calls.

The New York Post reports:

According to police reports, the deceased was found hanging from a skylight with his hands and legs bound with plastic ties with authorities suspecting that he could’ve restrained himself.

Police suspect that Borroni took his own life, but are currently waiting on results from the autopsy.

The Youtuber had reportedly left farewell messages on his cell phone, in which he claimed he was “depressed” about the child pornography case against him.

Before his death, Borroni’s house was raided, and electronic devices containing child sexual abuse material were uncovered.

Borroni had approximately 300,000 followers across his social media platforms before his death. He was known for documenting his travels on his motorcycle.