‘Transgender’ Teen Attempted to Perform Double Mastectomy on Herself After Watching YouTube Video

A “transgender” teenager in New Zealand has been hospitalized after attempting to perform a double mastectomy on herself after watching a YouTube video.

The biological female teenager has been identified publicly only as 18-year-old “Patient Z.”

A study on the incident was recently published in the New Zealand Medical Journal.

The Blaze reports:

According to a recent study published in the New Zealand Medical Journal, an 18-year-old biological female attempted to perform a mastectomy on her left breast. The self-surgery was done due to “significant psychological stress of having breasts at an upcoming pool party,” according to the journal.

The doctors in the study said the individual “demonstrated premeditation by watching a ‘how to’ video on YouTube, gathering the necessary equipment, marking the incision, and considering pain management and bleeding control.”

However, Patient Z quickly suffered “concerns” about the “self-attempted left mastectomy” and “sought medical attention several hours” through the “self-attempted left mastectomy due to concerns of damaging a nerve.”

The emergency doctors performed a “completion left mastectomy and symmetrizing right mastectomy.”

The study authors reported, “Gender dysphoria causes significant distress for transgender people. It is well documented that transgender people experience higher levels of discrimination, bullying, and violence compared to the general public.”

“Additionally, a study reviewed patients prior to gender-affirming surgery and identified a significant proportion of patients with undiagnosed anxiety and depression. While not all transgender people want gender-affirmation surgery, individuals that do should be able to access this service and express their authentic gender.”


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