Thousands of Pro-Palestine Protestors Swarm Streets in Sweden Demanding Israeli Eurovision Singer Eden Golan Be Banned

Israeli Eurovision contestant Eden Golan/Image: @golaneden/X

Eden Golan, an Israeli Eurovision contestant, has been ordered by Israel’s national security agency, Shin Bet, to stay in her hotel room because thousands of pro-Palestine protesters are swarming the streets of Malmo, Sweden demanding she be excluded from the competition.

The protestors, including climate-hoaxer Greta Thunberg, are against Israel being allowed to compete in the famous song contest.

The Daily Mail reports:

‘Young people are leading the way and showing the world how we should react to this,’ Thunberg told Reuters news agency. However, she refused to comment on why she had joined the protest, only saying it was ‘good’ as the march took place.

During the demonstrations, smoke canisters in the colours of the Palestinian flag were set off and protesters, some of whom have dogs, young children and bicycles with them, were carrying signs displaying images of Gaza civilians who have been injured amid the Hamas-Israel conflict.

Other banners displayed messages including ‘welcome to Genocide song contest’ and ‘stop using Eurovision to whitewash Israeli crimes’.

Heavily armed police officers carrying machine guns are patrolling outside hotels, and there are reports that terrorists are threatening to bomb the arena.

During her performance yesterday,  the crowd booed the singer and chanted Hamas talking points, but Golan refuses to be intimidated.

In an interview with Kan News, she said, “I’m a proud Israeli!”

“They’re quite predictable. It’s to be expected, and I don’t let it affect me.”

“It’s not easy for anyone; our entire country is going through a very tough time.” “

It’s challenging here in Malmö, too, but I handle it. In fact, it even gives me much more strength and pride to represent the people of Israel and showcase our identity. I’m delighted to be here, honored to represent us, and do so proudly!”


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