Supreme Court Justice Sonia “Wise Latina” Sotomayor Reveals She Has “Cried” Over Conservative Rulings From the Court (VIDEO)

Credit: Harvard Radcliffe Institute/Daily Mail

Far-Left Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor told a Harvard audience Friday she breaks down in tears after conservative rulings.

As the Daily Mail reported, Sotomayor, who once infamously described herself as a “wise Latina,” dropped this news while receiving an award at Harvard’s Radcliffe Institute.

“There are days that I’ve come to my office after an announcement of a case and closed my door and cried,” she told the fawning crowd.

She then said that more days just like this were likely coming.

“There have been those days. And there are likely to be more,” she added.


Sotomayor did not elaborate on the cases that brought her to tears, but said that despite often feeling demoralized, she has no choice but to get up the next and fight on.

“There are moments when I’m deeply, deeply sad. There are moments when, yes, even I feel desperation. We all do,” she explained.

“But you have to own it, you have to accept it, you have to shed the tears, and then you have to wipe them and get up,” Sotomayor continued.

This is not the first time Sotomayor has revealed that rulings from the John Roberts-led Court triggered her. The Gateway Pundit previously reported in January that Sotomayor claimed she felt traumatized every time the Court made a ruling in accordance to the U.S. Constitution.

Sotomayor has also faced calls from her fellow leftists to resign due to her poor health issues. Resigning before the November election would enable Joe Biden to appoint a younger, healthier, and potentially even more dangerous justice.

The next President will likely have the opportunity to replace at least one more justice, potentially altering public policy in a dramatic fashion. Let’s hope that President Trump will be afforded this opportunity.


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