Senator JD Vance Fact Checks CBS “Face the Nation” Host on President Trump’s America First Tariffs in Real Time (VIDEO)

Senator JD Vance was on CBS’s “Face the Nation” with host Margaret Brennan on Sunday to discuss the success of the pro-America tariffs under President Trump.

“If you apply tariffs, really what it is you’re saying that we are going to penalize you for using slave labor in China and importing that stuff in the United States. What you end up doing is you end up making more stuff in America, in Pennsylvania, in Ohio, and Michigan,” Senator Vance said.

“That did not happen in the Trump administration,” Brennan said.

“Well, it actually did happen in the Trump administration Margaret,” Senator Vance continued.

“Manufacturing jobs came back?” Brennan continued.

“Had significant onshoring, you had significant increases in people investing in factory construction, but it takes time Margaret, and that is one of the things, one of the reasons why I think that we need a second term of President Trump is this stuff isn’t gonna happen overnight,” Senator Vance continued.


Senator Vance also distinguished why he does not support Biden’s tariffs.

“You’ve been very broadly supportive of tariffs, um, why are you opposed to President Biden then putting tariffs on batteries and electric vehicles and other technologies from China? It seems inconsistent,” Brennan asked Senator Vance.

“There are 2 things here. First of all, many of the tariffs that Joe Biden has endorsed in the last couple of weeks are tariffs that he ran against in 2020, but now that he sees that Donald Trump is leading in the polls, he’s adopting the Donald Trump agenda. That’s not actually being a good policy President, that’s shifting on politics because you know you are about to lose,” Senator Vance continued.

“Biden’s entire agenda such that it exists has been about protecting green energy jobs at the expense of the industrial heartland. If you were in Wisconsin, Michigan or Pennsylvania, you are not being empowered or enriched by Joe Biden’s green energy agenda,” Senator Vance said.


Senator Vance also said that he wants tax payers to have a say in how their money is spent regarding education. He said some of Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s ideas in Hungary made sense on education.

“He seized control of state universities and put them in foundations that were then run by his allies. Is that what you are advocating be done in the United States?” Brennan asked.

“Well Margaret, what you are seeing in the United States actually is that universities are controlled by left wing foundations, they are not controlled by the American taxpayer and yet the American taxpayer is sending hundreds of billions of dollars to these universities every single year,” Senator Vance continued.



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