Secret Service Investigates Man for Making Jokes About Bidens

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Speculated about taking pictures of him in his ‘Depends’

The evidence is becoming more and more clear as court cases against President Donald Trump progress: Democrats appear to have weaponized the judicial process to support their claims that Trump was guilty of “fraud” in a case where no one lost money, is guilty of a felony over misdemeanor business document violations, interfered with an election by having – and expressing – his opinions.

And more.

On the other side, it seems, the U.S. Secret Service investigated a man for doing no more than making jokes about the Bidens.

“The Secret Service didn’t identify actual threats to Biden or his family, instead predicating the case on what it called the man’s ‘unusual interest’ in the family. This ‘unusual interest,’ however, appeared to be comprised of nothing more than obvious jokes that were critical of Biden,” according to an analysis published by The Daily Signal. “Zero comments by the Twitter user suggested a serious intent to engage in violence, according to the Secret Service documents released to the Oversight Project.”

The report said the Secret Service opened a formal investigation, and even took it to the next level, because of the social media posts of a Maine man. He was not identified in the report, and has not been charged with anything.

The Oversight Project discovered the apparent weaponization of the investigatory process through a Freedom of Information Act case.

“A senior Secret Service agent, John Mazza, conducted the investigation of the Twitter user in summer 2022, documents released to the Oversight Project show. (The Heritage Foundation, home to the Oversight Project, launched The Daily Signal in 2014.) In July 2022, about 18 months after Biden became president, a regional Secret Service office requested that agents conduct a ‘preliminary protective intelligence investigation’ targeting the Maine man, an Army veteran, for one or more posts on Twitter,” the report said.

The only justification was the “unusual interest,” records show.

“What appears to have gotten the Secret Service’s attention? One of the man’s posts suggested, apparently jokingly, that he planned to ‘invade the White House and get pics of Biden in his ‘Depends,” referring to a brand of adult diaper,” the report said.

Meanwhile, routinely social media users threaten to assault or assassinate President Trump, the likely GOP nominee for president this year.

Even Biden has talked publicly about wanting to physically assault Trump.

The analysis explained under the law, the Secret Service can investigate and prosecute “threats” against the president and certain others, but it must “show the existence of a threat…”

The FOIA documents, however, that the Secret Service investigation was based on First Amendment-protected comments.

The analysis noted Kara Frederick, of The Heritage Foundation’s Tech Policy Center, previously warned, “The growing symbiosis between Big Tech and government, the constriction of digital life, the pernicious targeting and exploitation of the next generation, and the expansion of digital surveillance will accelerate the stratification of American society. If current patterns are not disrupted, conservatives will bear the brunt of [a] tech-enabled classification system implemented hand-in-glove with the government.”

The analysis noted, “The use of subpoenas indicates that the Secret Service conducted a criminal investigation of a U.S. citizen for activity on social media protected by the First Amendment.”

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