Russian Interior Ministry Opens a Criminal Investigation on Ukrainian President Zelensky and Puts Him on a Wanted List

As of now, the old and tired saying that the war in Ukraine was in a perpetual stalemate has been long forgotten and discarded.

Russian Federation forces have ‘liberated’ more than 547 square kilometers (or 211 square miles) of territory just in 2024, Reuters reported, citing Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation, Sergei Shoigu.

It’s well over a dozen cities and villages, and the expectation is that after the expected upcoming fall of Chasov Yar, the defensive lines will crumble even worse than they are now – because Ukrainian corrupt officials did not build the defensive lines of fortifications, but preferred to embezzle the money.

In this context of a rapidly weakening Kiev regime, it arises that President Volodymyr Zelensky has been put on a Russian ‘wanted list’, and a criminal case was opened against him.

Reuters reported:

“Russia has opened a criminal case against Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and put him on a wanted list, the state news agency TASS reported on Saturday, an announcement Ukraine dismissed as evidence of Moscow’s ‘desperation’.

TASS reported that the Russian Interior Ministry database showed Zelensky was on a wanted list but gave no further details.”

Ukrainians – as one would expect – called the news worthless Russian announcements’ and stated that the International Criminal Court (ICC) warrant for the arrest of Russian dictator Vladimir Putin on suspicion of war crimes ‘is quite real’.

Reuters further reported that “Russia has issued arrest warrants for a number of Ukrainian and other European politicians since the start of the conflict with Ukraine in February 2022.”

Russian police have also indicted many foreign politicians, and issued an arrest warrant for the International Criminal Court prosecutor who prepared Putin’s war crimes warrant.

Associated Press reported:

“As of Saturday afternoon, both Zelensky and his predecessor, Petro Poroshenko, featured on the ministry’s list of people wanted on unspecified criminal charges. The commander of Ukraine’s ground forces, Gen. Oleksandr Pavlyuk, was also on the list.

Russian officials did not immediately clarify the allegations against any of the men. Mediazona, an independent Russian news outlet, claimed Saturday that both Zelensky and Poroshenko had been listed since at least late February.

[…] Russia’s wanted list also includes scores of officials and lawmakers from Ukraine and NATO countries. Among them is Kaja Kallas, the prime minister of NATO and EU member Estonia, who has fiercely advocated for increased military aid to Kyiv and stronger sanctions against Moscow.

Russian officials in February said that Kallas is wanted because of Tallinn’s efforts to remove Soviet-era monuments to Red Army soldiers in the Baltic nation, in a belated purge of what many consider symbols of past oppression.”

AP tries to deny the obvious Nazi aspects of the Ukrainian society.

Some of the prosecutions of Foreign Leaders are tied to legislation against the resurgence of Nazism. In their insistence to cover up for Ukraine until the bitter end, AP wrote the following ridiculous paragraph:

“The Kremlin has repeatedly sought to link Ukraine’s leaders to Nazism, even though the country has a democratically elected Jewish president who lost relatives in the Holocaust, and despite the aim of many Ukrainians to strengthen the country’s democracy, reduce corruption and move closer to the West.

Who ‘repeatedly sought to link Ukraine’s leaders to Nazism’ but themselves, who venerate as National Hero Stephan Bandera, Nazi collaborator who massacred Jews and Polish citizens!

AP says that ‘the country has a democratically elected Jewish president’. OK, to begin with, Zelensky cancelled Presidential elections that should have happened in March. By May 22nd, his mandate will be over and he will be totally autocratic.

As for him being Jewish and endorsing the Nazis from ‘Azov battalions’ and ‘Right Sector’, that is yet another failing by the former leader that General Zaluzhny called ‘Frodo’.

You may ask, what about ‘the aim of many Ukrainians to strengthen the country’s democracy, reduce corruption and move closer to the West’, so let me leave you with a nice collection of Ukrainian sporting Nazi paraphernalia:

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