Russia Responds to ‘Provocative Statements and Threats’ by Western Officials with Nuclear Drills and Threats of Its Own

Guest post by Leo Hohmann

Retired US Army colonel: ‘They’re not bluffing’; Russian tactical nuke drills are loud warning to US/NATO to stay out of Ukraine

Russian troops are sitting at the doorstep of victory in Ukraine, whose forces look just weeks away from collapsing given the current situation on the ground. Ukraine is losing 500 to 800 men every day and showing signs of cracking.

But Western globalists are talking tougher than ever and threatening Russia with new forms of direct military warfare from the West. Don’t believe for a second that our Western puppet leaders will let go of their anti-Russia, anti-Putin crusade — they’re too far in, have too much invested, and there’s simply too much money to be made by their financial benefactors.

Government officials in the US, UK and France continue to ratchet up the war rhetoric against Russia by threatening the country with Western troops and the possibility of using UK-supplied long-range missiles to strike deep into the heart of Russia.

If Russia succeeds in its war with Ukraine, and it’s not a matter of if but when, U.S. Democratic House leader Hakeem Jeffries announced on CBS News Sunday that the U.S. will intervene directly with troops. Think about what this means.


Democrat House Leader Hakeem Jeffries wants direct war between the US and Russia if Ukraine fails to defeat the Russians.

“We cannot allow Ukraine to fall, because if it does, there is a significant possibility that America will have to intervene in the conflict — not just with our money, but with our troops,” he told CBS News.

Then, like a cynical puppet of the blood-drenched military-industrial complex, Jeffries mouthed the favorite talking points of the neocon war hawks, showing he answers to the same faction of billionaire greed-mongers as the GOP leadership in Congress.

Russian President Vladimir Putin is trying to “restore the Soviet Union” to “threaten NATO countries,” he said. This is the same baseless messaging that has been repeated over and over the last two and a half years by the likes of Mike Pence, Mitch McConnell, Nikki Haley, Senator Lindsey Graham and all of the other war hawks on the other side of the aisle. When it comes to foreign policy and being salesmen for perpetual war, there is not a dime’s worth of difference between the two parties. They are the Uniparty.

The Russian government wasted no time responding to what it perceives as a growing threat from the US and NATO to send troops into Ukraine.

The Russian news outlet is reporting Monday a strong message from Moscow warning of dire consequences if any NATO country sends troops into Ukraine. French President Emmanuel Macron has been the most outspoken about the possibility of sending troops to fight Russians in Ukraine, but now Congressman Jeffries has taken it to a new level with his comments to a major establishment news outlet over the weekend.

British Foreign Secretary David Cameron was also quoted by Reuters last week that Ukraine has the right to use long-range missiles sent by the UK to strike deep inside Russia.

The Russians tailored their response to the British and didn’t mince words.

Moscow said it will retaliate against British targets in Ukraine or elsewhere if Kiev uses UK-provided missiles to strike Russian territory, the Russian Foreign Ministry told London’s ambassador on Monday. reports that Ambassador Nigel Casey was summoned to the ministry following the remarks by Cameron to Reuters.

”Casey was warned that the response to Ukrainian strikes using British weapons on Russian territory could be any British military facilities and equipment on the territory of Ukraine and beyond,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement following the meeting.

As noted by RT, the US and its allies had previously qualified their deliveries of long-range weapons to Kiev by saying they could only be used on territories that Ukraine claims as its own – Crimea, the Republics of Donetsk and Lugansk, and Kherson and Zaporozhye regions.

According to the Russian Foreign Ministry, Cameron’s statements to the contrary “de facto recognized his country as a party to the conflict.”

Russia sees Cameron’s comments as “evidence of a serious escalation and confirmation of London’s increasing involvement in military operations on the side of Kiev,” the ministry added.

Casey was urged to “think about the inevitable catastrophic consequences of such hostile steps from London and to immediately refute in the most decisive and unequivocal manner the bellicose provocative statements of the head of the Foreign Office.”

Earlier in the day, the Russian Defense Ministry announced an exercise to test the deployment of tactical nuclear weapons. President Vladimir Putin ordered the drills after “provocative statements and threats” by Western officials, the military said.

Putin said that if troops get sent in from any Western country, that country’s troops will be immediately prioritized and vaporized. He has said that sending nuclear missiles to London, Paris or Berlin is also an option that will be used if Russia feels threatened by a ground invasion from the West.

Here is Retired U.S. Army Lt. Col. Earl Rasmussen warning that Putin should not be seen as bluffing.

According to the article by RT, Moscow hopes the nuclear drills will “cool down the ‘hot heads’ in Western capitals and help them understand the possible catastrophic consequences of the strategic risks they generate,” as well as “keep them from both assisting the Kiev regime in its terrorist actions and being drawn into a direct armed confrontation with Russia,” the Foreign Ministry said in a follow-up statement.

It looks more and more like World War III will get ramped up into direct warfare between the US and Russian superpowers, perhaps sooner than any of us thought. It could even happen before the November US presidential elections.

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