Ruh Roh: Biden Regime to Issue Major Border Security Crackdown – On Dogs!

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

The Biden regime has finally decided to get super serious about cracking down on border crossings — provided the culprit is a canine.

The Vancouver Sun reported Thursday that the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) on August 1st will introduce onerous new rules for crossing an international border with dogs. The most significant change is the need to submit papers to the CDC days before a trip that proves their dog is healthy, has a valid microchip, and is vaccinated against rabies.

The papers must be submitted to the CDC at least ten days in advance of a trip.

More on the new rules from the Vancouver Sun:

Starting on Aug. 1, your dog must be at least six months old to travel to the U.S.

Since the tougher measures are primarily aimed at keeping the U.S. free of rabies, there is also a requirement that your dog not have been in one of over 100 countries in the previous six months where rabies is not under control.

There are several other variables, so the CDC has an app called DogBot to help navigate the upcoming rules that includes a list of those countries.

Illegal alien rapists and murderers can stream across the border with the Regime’s tacit approval, but Spot is the real security threat in their eyes.

As The Vancouver Sun notes, people were previously able to cross the border with their pet after answering a question from a border official, and possibly a request to see the dog’s vaccination record. Now, one must book an appointment with a veterinarian to have them fill out the new form.

Mark Belanger, a senior lawyer and principal of Border Solutions Law in Vancouver, told the paper the new law will be a vast “headache” for travelers who take their dogs across the border with them.

“A lot of people are going to be affected by this,” said Belanger.

The CDC says they are trying to keep the U.S. free of rabies, which is almost 100% fatal. The agency cited rabies outbreaks abroad and fraudulent documentation to back up its claims.

There are over 100 countries considered a significant threat for rabies. The paperwork will now be far longer, and there is a considerable chance your dog may not be allowed in the States after July from those countries.


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