Rep. Burgess Owens to Biden Education Secretary Miguel Cardona “There Are Millions of Men and Women Across This country That Do Not Have Faith in You Protecting Our Girls”

Rep. Burgess Owen (R-UT)/ Image: video screenshot

Biden’s Secretary of Education, Miguel Cardona, is usually comfortable running his mouth when it comes to telling parents what they should do with their children.

But on Tuesday, while facing questioning before the House Education and Workforce Committee regarding the Biden Regime’s war on women and the new 1577-page Title IX ruling, he couldn’t seem to answer simple yes or no questions.

Under questioning by Rep. Burgess Owen (R-UT), Cardona didn’t have much to say in the way of concrete answers.

Owens asked, “Would you force your daughter to undress in the bathroom with boys, who are also undressing?”

Cardona, who has a daughter and a son, would not answer the question.

Cardona would only respond, “I am not going to be commenting on athletics rules that we haven’t proposed.”

“You can’t say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ on that?” Burgess pressed.

“I’d be happy to talk about Title IX…”

Owens pressed, “If your daughter was reported, she felt uncomfortable in a boy’s presence in a bathroom or locker room, would that be considered by your administration to be discrimination or bigotry?”

Cardona began, “As an educator for over 25 years….” before Burgess asked again, “You can’t say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to that?”

“I’d love to respond to your question, sir,” Cardona replied.

“Okay, so is it ‘yes’ or ‘no,’ would it be considered discrimination if she did not want that to happen?”

Cardona again failed to answer the question and returned to his talking points,  “As an educator for over 25 years….”

Burgess stopped the grandstanding and continued, “Girls have now entered in contact sports of boxing and wrestling. Would you allow your daughter to physically fight and get beat up by a boy who called himself a girl? Yes or no?”

“Be happy to, once we finalize our regulations on Title IX athletics, to come back and have a conversation with you,” Cardona said.

Burges then went on to rebuke Cardona and the Biden Regime’s abject failure to protect women and girls.

“I’ll say this, Mr. Secretary, before I go on this next topic,” Burgess said. “With all due respect, I pray that our country will never ever have the vision your policies are driving us toward in terms of manhood.”

“It is a vision that teaches our boys that harming girls is no big deal. I pray that we remain a country that produces an overwhelmingly mass majority of men who feel the way I do about my girls.  I will give my life, in a heartbeat, for my girls. And the blessings I have is that they have no doubts about that.”

“There are millions of men and women across this country that do not have faith, that do not have trust, in you protecting our girls because of policies you can’t say yes or no to.”

“By the way, those are not very hard questions as a father.”


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