QUIET PART OUT LOUD? MSNBC Hosts Admit Trump Lawfare Campaign Isn’t Working, Election Depends on What ‘Crazy Event Will Happen’ (VIDEO)

Did the propagandists over at MSNBC just say the quiet part out loud?

During Thursday morning’s Way Too Early, hosts Jonathan Lemire and Elise Jordan held a discussion with in-house commentator Mike Barnicle about the failure of the lawfare campaign against Donald Trump. Jordan responded by predicting a “crazy event” that could “shape” the election one way or the other.

Here is a transcript of the exchange:

BARNICLE: Donald Trump is a phenomenon that is going away,” said Barnicle. “And I am wondering when the Democratic Party is going to figure out, you can make fun of him, you can talk about him being on trial and everything like that, he’s not going away. None of this seems to be damaging him with the core of his support.”

JORDAN: No, and you look Wisconsin and that is just absolutely ground zero for probably the state of the three most important states where this election is going to be decided,” she argued.

And the recent polling is so close that is just shows how this election is going to be such a nailbiter and really subject to what crazy event is going to happen and ultimately shape it in one direction or the other over the next months.

Watch the clip below:

While such a “crazy event” could possibly benefit Donald Trump, such a possibility seems unlikely. During the 2020 election cycle, the coming together of several “crazy events” including the exaggerated COVID pandemic gave the Democratic Party an excuse to carry out election fraud through the widespread use of mail-in ballots.

Quite what such an event would like in 2024 remains an open discussion. Yet with conflicts raging around the world and the constant threat of another pandemic, there is plenty of opportunity for the Democratic elite to once again “shape” the election one way or the other.

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