President Trump Speaks to Reporters Before Lawfare Show Trial: Governor Burgum, Rep. Donalds, Rep. Cory Mills, Vivek Ramaswamy and Speaker Johnson Join Him in Court Today – VIDEO

President Trump was back in court on Tuesday as the never-ending Alvin Bragg show trial in New York City prevents him from campaigning across America.

The trial against Trump on still undefined criminal charges has gone on now for four weeks. This is the definition of election interference.

Of course, the mainstream legacy media lackeys are going along with this and reporting as if this unprecedented attack on Joe Biden’s political rival is something quite ordinary in American politics.

President Trump on Tuesday was flanked by North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum, Rep. Byron Donalds (R-FL), Rep. Cory Millis (R-FL) and turncoat Speaker Mike Johnson the worthless GOP House House leader who sides with Democrats and neglects his voting base on every issue possible.

President Trump spoke with reporters before his day in court.

President Donald Trump: They are speaking very beautifully and they come all from all over Washington and they’re highly respected and they think this is the greatest scam they’ve ever seen. And some are Democrats. They’re very embarrassed by what’s going on. I just want to start by saying that on the electric vehicles that Biden is pushing down everybody’s throat, even though people don’t want them, he wants to put a big tariff on China, which is a suggestion that I said, where have you been for three and a half years? They should have done it a long time ago, but they’ve also got to do it on other vehicles and they have to do it on a lot of other products because China is eating our lunch right now. And they went away from what I was doing. They’re eating our lunch. So they have to do it on much more than electric vehicles and they have to get going fast.

But it should have been done three and a half years ago. I did it. I started, and then they started, started playing games. And it was very bad, very bad for the auto industry. In Michigan the auto industry is doing very poorly because jobs are starting to leave. We’re losing, you know, with the electric vehicle mandate. They’re going to be made in China. They’re all going to be made in China. And also in Mexico, owned by China.

A poll just came out, the very respected Redfield Wilton, and it has us up six in Michigan, seven in North Carolina, Pennsylvania plus two, Georgia plus Florida, plus nine, Arizona, plus two, and up in every other place, too. So that just came out. That’s on top of yesterday’s New York Times poll.

I think today I might just quote somebody that frankly has been extremely disrespectful to me over the last period of a few months. He’s watching this scam taking place. Michael Avenatti, have you heard the name? He said, “The next time you’re accused of something by someone, a co worker, neighbor, friend, significant other, stranger, ask yourself that it would be okay if only they were allowed to speak, accuse, antagonize while you were not allowed to respond.” He’s talking about the gag order, “…Or defend yourself in any way. If your answer is no, then you too should be angered by Trump not being allowed to respond to the various people that are making comments.”

Now think of it. You ask me questions I’m not allowed to respond. They’re the easiest questions that could possibly be asked. Only a guy like Biden couldn’t answer those questions because he’s not there.

You ready? So here’s a couple of quotes.

Mark Levin, great man, great legal talent. This is not a trial of Donald Trump. It’s a case of the Democrat party versus America. It also represents the greatest effort to interfere with and steal a federal election in American political history. Biden is seeking to clear the field. He wants to clear the field because he can’t do it himself. So he’s weaponized the Department of Justice. And as you know, they have their people in that room. Their DOJ is in that room because they want to try and hurt me. Now, the good news is my poll numbers have gone up significantly. This is not what they had in mind.

Newt Gingrich. This is without president in american history. It has never occurred to President John Adams or anybody else that you could jail your primary competitor, your primary opponent in his case, Vice President Thomas Jefferson. This goes back a long way. This has never happened in our country before.

This is their whole case. Are you allowed to call a legal expense a legal expense? I don’t know what else you call it, actually, but he brings it up here. The legal expense, it was, you know, what’s the problem? I never thought that as an attorney I could see a system like New York’s, one of the most sophisticated legal bars in the world really debase itself so badly. This judge should not be allowed in the case and he should not allow this case to go forward. Merchan should rule in favor of a directed verdict immediately. There is an insufficient amount of evidence. No crime has been shown. No crime has been committed. There’s been no crime. Judge Jeanine Pirro, she talks here. This is, well, she’s very excited here. He’s a fool. He’s not an experienced judge. So I’ll make that one a little short. I don’t want to insult anybody.

Greg Jarrett, brilliant guy. Greg’s argument is legally flawed. The Federal election Commission, FEC determined there was no campaign finance violation. The Department of Justice agreed. No civil fine was levied or criminal charge rendered. Those two entities have exclusive authority over federal elections. The state has absolutely no authority and the city, Bragg has no authority. And Bragg never wanted to bring this case. In all fairness to him, he never wanted to bring this case. Not a local prosecutor such as Alvin Bragg should be involved in this case. And by the way, the judge, who, as you know, is totally conflicted and everybody’s talking about it, it’s an embarrassment.

New York legal analyst Michael Morp(sp). CNN doesn’t think the prosecution has proven its case.

Senator John Kennedy, respected. Gentlemen, I will tell you that trial says more about politics than it does about it. An alleged crime. If you want to hide something from Bragg, you put it in the law book. Bringing in a fellow criminal trial, it hasn’t proved to be a felony. There was no crime. Everybody is saying there’s no crime. There is, absolutely. But I’ve been here for almost four weeks in an icebox, I call it the icebox, listening to a judge who’s totally corrupt and conflicted. Wil Shar, a finally respected lawyer. Hush money. It’s not a crime. Signing an NDA is not a crime. By the way, Congress, everybody in Congress have NDAs.

NDAs are very common non disclosure agreements. They’re not a crime. Claimant, CBS Morning News. There’s no evidence that this case is about campaign election violations. There’s no evidence. But again, we go back to the federal law. The FEC, Federal Election Commission said there’s not a problem. There’s no case. And Vivek is here right now so he can speak for himself. He said this is a sham trial. It’s politically motivated. It’s an assault on the leading candidate for US president. I would expect he would say something good, actually, so I won’t go through the rest. But he’s here. He’s going to talk to you. The speaker of the House is here. We have Byron, Donald Corey is here. We have a lot of great people here to talk to you and they won’t let them speak here. I guess they want to make it difficult for them to speak. So for some reason I can speak here, but I’m the only one that’s allowed. The gag order has to come off. So when you ask me a question about the people that we’re talking about, I’m not allowed to answer. There’s never been anything like this in the history of our country.

It’s a scam. It’s election interference at a level that’s never taken place before. And now, if you don’t mind, I’m going to go into the icebox and sit for a long time. Thank you very much.




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