President Trump Speaks to Massive Crowd of Tens of Thousands in Wildwood, New Jersey: “We Want the American Dream, Not the Biden Inflation Nightmare”

President Trump spoke to a massive crowd in Wildwood, New Jersey, to thousands of freedom-loving American patriots. Even with court dates and endless lawfare against him, his commitment to the campaign and the American people is strong.


President Trump also addressed the runaway inflation under crooked Joe Biden.

“We want the American Dream, not the Biden inflation nightmare,” Trump said.

“We want safe communities, not defund the police, and abolish cash bail,” Trump continued.


President Trump also said he will lower taxes for everyone instead of tax increases under crooked Joe Biden.

“Instead of a Biden tax hike, I’ll give you a Trump middle class, upper class, lower class, business class, big tax cut. You are gonna have the biggest tax cut,” Trump continued.


President Trump also said that the indictments against him backfired and made him more popular.

“Trying to rig the vote through this crap they are doing, but its backfired,” Trump said.

“I’m more popular now than I’ve ever been,” Trump continued.


Trump 2024!


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