PATHETIC: AMC Puts Trigger Warning on Classic Film Goodfellas Over ‘Cultural Stereotypes’

The AMC Network has put a ‘trigger warning’ on the classic mobster movie Goodfellas over what they claim are cultural stereotypes.

Stereotype or not, the film is based on the true story of Henry Hill, who was part of the mob for years. The other characters are also based on real people.

Also, if they were going to put a warning on this movie, wouldn’t it make more sense to tell people about all the murdering and other violence? This is just so dumb.

The New York Post reports:

AMC slaps ‘Goodfellas’ with trigger warning for ‘offensive’ content that includes ‘cultural stereotypes’

They’re whacking a classic.

AMC Networks added a trigger warning to the classic mob movie “Goodfellas” — rankling those who were in the film and wiseguys alike.

“This film includes language and/or cultural stereotypes that are inconsistent with today’s standards of inclusion and tolerance and may offend some viewers,” a message reads at the top of the film when screened on the network.

The warning was first affixed to the movie during the height of Black Lives Matter riots when many businesses and cultural institutions made avoiding offense to various groups a core part of their missions…

“The f–king political correctness has f–king taken everything away,” Bo Ditel, a former NYPD cop who played a police officer in “Goodfellas,” told The Post. “This is how life was back then. It was not a clean beautiful thing. You can’t cleanse history. If you want to tell true history, you gotta tell it the way it is.”

People on Twitter/X have thoughts about this.

Remember what Trump said about wokeness? He was right.



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