Ohio Community Outraged After School District Allegedly Withholds Information on Student Accused of Raping 9-Year-Old — Suspect Still in Class, Playing Sports

A storm of controversy has enveloped Hudson High School following revelations that Jeremiah Earl Stoehr, an 18-year-old senior, has been attending school and participating in sports despite facing severe allegations including rape and kidnapping of a 9-year-old child.

Stoehr was indicted on February 7, 2024, on multiple charges, including rape, kidnapping, and gross sexual imposition, with the alleged offenses occurring on or around December 2, 2023, according to Chasing Liberty. Despite these charges, it has come to light that many within the school were unaware of Stoehr’s legal troubles until recently.

A concerned parent reached out to The Gateway Pundit, claiming, “The county has now even removed his records from public viewing. Corruption at its finest. This student was still able to attend class and play sports. They clearly didn’t want this to get out locally.”

According to Akron Beacon Journal, “The case docket, which included redactions to protect the 9-year-old’s privacy, was removed from the Summit County Clerk of Courts website this week after a judge granted a defense attorney’s request to seal the documents from public view, said James Pollack, a spokesman for the Summit County Prosecutor’s Office. The Beacon Journal began collecting its information for this report before access to these documents was cut off.”

The Gateway Pundit was able to find Stoehr’s mugshot via recentlybooked.com.

Chasing Liberty reported:

Stoehr’s case has stirred a strong backlash from the public, particularly from students and parents connected to Hudson High. Much of the anger centers on Judge Alison Breaux’s perceived lenient treatment of the defendant and then-Summit County Prosecutor Sherri Bevan Walsh’s office’s lackluster response.

The court released Stoehr, who pleaded not guilty, on a $25,000 bond, meaning he only had to pay $2,500 to get out of jail. He was placed on “free-range GPS monitoring with maximum pretrial supervision” and must adhere to a curfew, according to court documents. He is also prohibited from having any contact with the alleged victim. The defendant was allowed to continue attending classes at Hudson High School.

However, the defendant’s attorney later filed a motion to modify the condition of Stoehr’s bail, which Judge Breaux, a Democrat elected in 2016, approved. The new conditions permitted Stoehr to attend several school events, such as track meets, a track banquet, and the school prom, while still wearing his ankle monitor. It has not beenn confirmed whether he actually attended prom. Walsh, also a Democrat, resigned in February. The Democratic Party appointed Elliot Kolkovich as her replacement.

A female senior at Hudson High expressed her dismay to FOX 8 News: “When I first got the text from my mom, I felt sick. It’s distressing to see him continue as if nothing happened.”

The sentiment is widespread, with students and parents questioning the decision to allow Stoehr to remain active in school life and upcoming graduation ceremonies.

Despite the community’s outcry, school officials have maintained that they are limited in the information they can disclose due to legal constraints and privacy policies. In a statement to FOX 8, Hudson City Schools clarified:

“Hudson City Schools is aware that one of our high school students is part of a police investigation involving an alleged sexual assault. While we are not permitted to discuss specifics of the case, we do want to be clear that this alleged incident did not occur on school property and did not involve another Hudson City School District student. This is a legal issue with the Summit County Prosecutor’s Office and the Summit County Court System. Supportive and protective measures have been in place to keep all students safe since the issue was first brought to the district’s attention.

We understand there are questions; however, the district is extremely limited in what information can be released, per the law and student privacy policies. Please know the well-being and safety of all of our students remains our top priority.”

An online petition calling for Stoehr’s suspension until the trial’s conclusion has been gaining traction. From the petition:

As a deeply concerned member of the Hudson, OH community, I am writing to express my alarm and distress over a situation that is currently unfolding in our local high school. An 18-year-old student has been charged with kidnapping and raping a 9-year-old child. Despite these serious allegations, this individual continues to attend school and participate in extracurricular activities like the track team while awaiting trial.

This situation not only raises moral questions but also poses potential risks to other students. We are inadvertently providing an alleged pedophile access to minors under the guise of protecting his educational rights. This is not about denying anyone’s right to education but ensuring the safety of all students until proven innocent or guilty.

According to RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network), juveniles accounted for 23% of those serving time for rape in juvenile facilities across America in 2015. This alarming statistic underscores the need for immediate action when such serious allegations arise within our schools.

We urge Hudson City School District officials and relevant authorities to suspend this student until his trial concludes. It is crucial that we prioritize student safety over any individual’s rights when they stand accused of such heinous crimes.

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