NYT Poll: Trump Trounces Biden In Key Battleground States, ‘Set To Make A Demographic Breakthrough’

Amid numerous legal battles, former President Donald Trump is leading Joe Biden in key battleground states that will determine November’s election, according to a fresh poll from The New York Times.

Trump is trouncing Biden in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania — five of six swing states.

Wisconsin is the lone battleground state where Biden is ahead.

The poll, conducted by the Times, Siena College, and The Philadelphia Inquirer, shows Trump leading Biden by 3 percentage points in Pennsylvania, 5 points in Michigan, points in Arizona, 10 points in Georgia, and 12 points in Nevada.

Biden is ahead of Trump by 2 points in Wisconsin.

According to the poll, Trump is slated to make “demographic breakthroughs.” Biden is still garnering more support than Trump among Black and Hispanic voters but significantly less than last cycle and his Democrat predecessors. Biden is leading Trump among Black voters 63 to 23 percent, plummeting from the 87 percent of Black voters who allegedly voted for Biden three and half years ago.

Democrats are downplaying Trump’s massive support among the traditionally Democrat voters, assuring it is just one poll that was conducted six months ahead of Election Day and is not reflective of what will happen in November.

But Biden supporters concede Biden’s dismal support in swing states is a sign the administration must immediately change course.

The New York Time polling data out of the the Sun Belt states, including Nevada and Arizona are “an absolute disaster,” warns CNN’s Harry Enten.

“It’s advantage Donald Trump, but he’s not over the 20 mark just yet,” Enten, a polling data specialist, said Monday.

The Biden regime must target “confused” constituents with new messaging, contends Democrat strategist Antjuan Seawright.

“Certainly there is a segment of the population out there, including in my community who are frustrated, some are angry, some are confused, and some of them don’t know,” Seawright said. “We have to make some adjustments in how we communicate, where we communicate, who we use to communicate, and what we communicate.”

“With the usual stipulations about polls six months out, Biden is behind,” said Jim Kessler, co-founder of the left-leaning think tank Third Way. “They need to be in a better place on the border, crime and inflation to win. They have a story to tell on each and further actions they can take, but need to get cracking.”

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