Northwestern University Caves to Radical Campus Protestors: Offers Full-Ride Scholarships to Palestinian Students and Guaranteed Faculty Jobs for Palestinian Academics

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Northwestern University, located in the liberal suburban Chicago enclave of Evanston, Illinois, announced their concessions to the radical Hamas supporters who have taken over their campus to end their protests and encampment.

Two of the most notable include the promise to offer full-ride scholarships to Palestinian students and also guaranteed faculty jobs for Palestinian academics.

The University will also provide special housing for Muslim students and will “advise employers not to rescind job offers for students engaging in speech protected by the First Amendment.”

One of the “First Amendment” students recently assaulted a student journalist attempting to take a video of the encampment.

The Hamas lovers at Northwestern are so proud of their support for terrorists that they even wear Hamas hoodies.

These are the people Northwestern is caving to.

A statement from University President Michael Schill, Provost Kathleen Hagerty, and Vice-President for Student Affairs Susan Davis announced the agreement.

We have reached an agreement with a group of students and faculty who represent the majority of the protestors on Deering Meadow to bring the demonstration into compliance with University rules and policies. This agreement represents a sustainable and de-escalated path forward, and enhances the safety of all members of the Northwestern community while providing space for free expression that complies with University rules and policies.

The full agreement can be found here.

This agreement was forged by the hard work of students and faculty working closely with members of the administration to help ensure that the violence and escalation we have seen elsewhere does not happen here at Northwestern.

This agreement also addresses our commitment to protect the safety of our entire community and to ensure the ongoing academic operations of our campus while adhering to our support for free expression. The agreement includes support for our Muslim, Arab and Palestinian students. Some of the actions have been discussed for years and some are new. Together, they will strengthen our community.

This path forward requires the immediate removal of tents on Deering Meadow, cessation of non-approved use of amplified sound and a commitment that all conduct on Deering and across campus will comply with all University rules and policies. Compliant demonstration can continue at Deering Meadow through June 1.

For any demonstrators refusing to comply with the agreed-upon path forward, the University will take action to protect the safety of the community and enforce University rules and policies. These steps will include the suspension of non-compliant students and a requirement that non-affiliated individuals leave campus.

This path forward takes into account careful observation and assessment of protests on campuses across the United States.

Reported antisemitic and anti-Muslim/Palestinian incidents over the weekend — in most cases, fueled by demonstrators who are not affiliated with Northwestern — are unacceptable and cannot continue, and this agreement will help to ensure that. Acts of antisemitism, anti-Muslim/Arab racism, and hate will not be tolerated, and community members who can be identified participating in such acts will face disciplinary action.

The University will take appropriate disciplinary action against any student, faculty or staff who violate these rules and policies.

We know more challenges remain ahead of us. But our guiding principles will never waver: protecting the safety of our entire community, preserving free expression and peaceful demonstration, denouncing and refuting intolerance and hate, and ensuring that our University can continue to operate without disruption.

At least one Northwestern student got it right and called out a protestor to her face.

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