MUST SEE: Stadium Boos Loudly After Biological Male Athlete Wins Women’s 200 Meter Dash at Oregon State Track and Field Championships (VIDEO)

A transgender teen runner was booed as he crossed the finish line and won a spot in the girls’ Oregon State Championships.

Tenth-grade student “Aayden Gallagher” is a biological male competing against female athletes.

Biological male Aayden Gallagher won the women’s 200 meter dash at the Oregon State Championships – the crowd booed his efforts

On Saturday Aayden Gallagher, a biological male, won the women’s 200 meter dash at the Oregon track and field championships at the historic Hayward Field in Eugene, Oregon.

Aaden Gallagher is ‘unofficially’ ranked in the top 50 high school sprinters nationally.

According to Outsports:

Gallagher is a transgender girl in a state that affirms her right to compete on a girl’s team. Oregon requires no medical or hormonal transition for trans athletes to compete in any gendered category, and the state allows nonbinary athletes to simply choose their gender category in sports, regardless of any medical interventions.

When she raced to second place at 200 meters, and won the 400 meters at a meet in April, that fact didn’t sit well with a group of Republican legislators in her state.
They promptly called on the Oregon State Activities Association, the governing body for high school sports in the state, to change their policy

The OSAA’s executive director, Peter Weber, stood up and publicly defended the policy. He met their letter with one of his own.

“Oregon law has long prohibited discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation,” the letter states. “In 2019, the Oregon Department of Education amended its rules that ‘sexual orientation’ was defined to include ‘gender identity.’ The Oregon legislature likewise amended the definition of ‘sexual orientation’ to include ‘gender identity.’”

In response, there is a call to put forth legislation that would ban transgender girls and strip any achievements they may have earned.

On Saturday Aayden Gallagher came from behind and defeated Aster Jones from Roosevelt to take the Women’s 6A 200 meter dash finals.

Aayden Gallagher placed second to Josie Donelson in the women’s 6A 400 meter dash where Josie ran a blistering time of 52.83 seconds!

The Oregon crowd showed their appreciation by booing loudly.

People are getting tired of this.

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