Mother of Abused J6 Political Prisoner Mason Courson, Former College Football Star and Young Father, Shares Update with The Gateway Pundit

Mason Courson

Mason Courson went to Washington, D.C., on Jan 6, 2021, to stand and listen to his President speak, with no ill intent. Unfortunately, the 27-year-old, who was born and raised in South Florida, found himself in a situation he never imagined.

Mason excelled academically and athletically, including playing college football. He loves reading and history. Mason is proud of his Cuban roots and immigrant maternal grandparents, who were honored to become US Citizens.

Mason was held without bond by the Biden administration.  And he is unable to support his 4-year-old son, whom he had a month before he was arrested.

Mason pleaded guilty to one count of interfering with an officer.

In June, District Judge Rudolph Contreras sentenced Mason Courson to 57 months in prison, three years probation, and a $2,000 fine for the felony charge of “assaulting, resisting, or impeding a law enforcement officer with a dangerous weapon.”

Mason is a victim of the Biden regime. Compare his actions to the actions of thousands of pro-Palestinian protesters this past week!

This is the definition of judicial abuse.  A young man with no criminal background was sent to prison for nearly five years for his actions on January 6 after lawless police opened fire with exploding gas canisters and rubber bullets on innocent protesters outside the US Capitol.

This only happens to conservatives.  And so now Mason sits behind bars for several years.

Mason’s mother, Angie, wrote to The Gateway Pundit to share her perspectives and experiences during these trying times.

** Please help Mason here.

Dear Gateway Pundit Family,

I am Angie. The mom of J6er Mason Courson. I still wake up some days, the days I can actually sleep, and I am in disbelief our lives are what they are today. That my son has been held prisoner for over 875 days now. That he, like many others, was made an example of.  Their lives temporarily ruined. Some had their lives permanently ruined because some lost their lives that day.

A day that was planned by THEM so that people in the future would fear standing up for what they believed in. They wanted to show us all that you can do just about anything you want these days. You can steal, murder, threaten, and destroy property with no consequences as long as it fits their narrative.

But, whatever you do, do not go against their agenda, especially wearing a MAGA hat. If you do, then you will have exaggerated and unjust consequences. So, fall in line, be sheep, and you will not be bothered. You see, if we all just remain silent, THEY can do whatever they want. Thankfully, we so-called Patriots are not that kind. We stand for what is right and what is good. We believe in God and fear only him. We will not be silenced. And my son has lost years of his life, years of his life with his son, years he will never get back, because of this.

Our journey started December 14, 2021, when I received a call from my son saying, “Mom I am being arrested, not sure for exactly what, I think it’s for being at the Capitol January 6th. They asked me if I was there.”

And the rest is history.

He had the typical J6 arrest like so many have shared. You know, bang on the door early morning, several lasers pointed at his head and chest when he opened the door to many SWAT vans, city police, county sheriffs, FBI, and so on. Disrupted an entire neighborhood, people outside half asleep, confused, and afraid, all to make a TRUMP supporter look as bad as they possibly could, especially for going to DC on that infamous day. I mean, countless law enforcement geared up?

But, I see what THEY were trying to do here. My son apparently was more dangerous and they needed all of that reinforcement and waste of tax dollars to arrest a young man who would have turned himself in. They almost all would have, no need for any of this, except the theatrics to make it seem like they had just scored one of America’s most wanted. A terrible attempt to humiliate a TRUMP supporter.

Quick point, you can yell “Death to America” in Michigan and not be a threat or considered a domestic terrorist, or even kill an innocent boy, Cayler Ellingson in North Dakota for example, because he was a young Republican, and be allowed to bail out of jail while you await your trial, even though you intentionally rammed your car into a group of teenagers, with intent to harm them, and took one of their lives. But, I suppose they aren’t threats to society? OK got it. I just wish more Americans understood what is really happening here and more would spread awareness and stand up against this evil.

** Please help Mason here.

From there it was Broward County jail, to Federal Court for bond hearings. Denied bond because, apparently, even though they identified him on May 2, 2021, and waited 7 months to arrest him, he was a threat to society and an insurrectionist. From there to another county jail in Broward, FCI Miami, the way center almost all J6ers go to in Oklahoma, Northern Neck in Virgina, where he spent the most time and was the worst of all jails J6ers have been in, FCI Lewisburgh Medium, DC Gulag, to another facility in Virgina, then Atlanta, then finally his destination in Florida at Coleman Low. Exhausting isn’t it?

Try that with no sleep, in shackles, hunched over, while being verbally abused every time you are transferred. Coleman is where he will spend the remainder of his time as he completes his sentence. Deciding to take an open plea, pleading guilty only to the charge of impeding, regardless of what was said by the media, he never pled guilt to assault and still stands by his innocence, that he not only never assaulted an officer that day but he never assaulted anyone that day. He was still found guilty on all charges and sentenced to 57 months. All of these men have had sentences given to them that are longer than they should be for the crimes they have been convicted of. Again, this is a ploy to have all J6ers made an example of. To keep instilling fear in Americans, the ones that actually love this country at least. To sit in a courtroom with your child on the opposite side, wearing orange because he was not allowed to clean up, shave, or wear a suit. To hear the United States of America vs Mason Joel Courson? Debilitating. It lets you know right away you are up against the biggest beast there is. No one is winning against them. Especially when every picture they have of you has you in a TRUMP hat. This can not be the America we love so much.

When that day was over Mason said he actually felt relieved. He explained to me that he at least had an end date and could now just concentrate on passing the time with a goal in sight and getting home. He said he could not sit there being angry and depressed because that’s what THEY want. They want all of our J6ers to fall apart, and he refused to do that. After his long journey to Coleman Low, he remembers getting out of the van and feeling the Florida sun and thinking to himself, ‘I am finally back home in Florida.’ It was his first sign of hope, he was at last back in his home state that he loves so much.

There were so many days I thought something horrible happened to him. Well, something horrible had happened to him, but I mean in reference to his safety, his life. No calls, no communication, nothing. Threats to his life from other inmates, constantly being singled out, looking over his shoulder constantly. Me, glued to my phone like never before and in a whole different way. If I missed a call, I would literally cry. Waiting over a year to see him, and now I still count the days in between visits. I know at all times the exact number of days he’s been gone and how many we have left to go before he’s home. The constant stress and anxiety over finances, commissary needs, and money for travel expenses to and from visits. I have extended the length of time in between visits because of financial reasons. To hear Mason say that when we are there it is the only thing that brings him any happiness and when we tell him the date of our next visit it is what keeps him going, and me knowing I have to keep extending the visits is heartbreaking. During the last visit, he said to us that he was ready to be home. He’s over it. He is in prison for something that he did not do. He said can you imagine how many men sit in jail convicted of things that they did not do, and they sit helpless. Just horrific and horrible.

** Please help Mason here.

I want to state that I feel a tremendous amount of guilt that I feel the way I do when I have a son who is alive and healthy. He is, and will be, stronger than ever. He will be home, will rebuild, and is looking forward to starting his life over. I know that not all those who went to the Capitol that day can say the same. For their families and their souls, I pray that at some point there is enough peace to go on advocating and remembering what their loved ones would’ve wanted. I can not imagine how horrific their lives have been as I know how hard mine has been. Mason could have easily been in one of their shoes. I thank God every day we still have him with us.

We are grateful for anyone who reads about Mason, who keeps in touch, who donates, who cares about him. I have found more love from strangers and more understanding than I have with some very close to me. I have suffered losses, I have grown thicker skin, and have the ability to let go and spot BS a mile away. There have been some positives out of this. I am awake, wide awake, and have never been more proud to stand on the right side of this. Never stay quiet, and always stand strong. We are God fearing, moralistic people, and THEY cannot stand any of that.

Mason said it many times over and I remind him always…He, along with these men and women held, were chosen. There is a purpose for them. They are among the strongest. They are the examples. They were meant to be broken but are more inspired. My son is my hero. With every single long day that passes, his strength amazes me more and more.

God Bless you all and God Bless America.

@J6PatriotMom on X and TRUTH

** Please help Mason here.


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