MORE LIES: Democrat Senator Chris Murphy On Biden Border Crisis: “The President Has Such Limited Ability to Issue Executive Orders That Would Have an Impact on the Border” (VIDEO)

Crooked Joe Biden and his regime have had over 3 years to secure the border, which they intentionally chose not to do. After all, this is their future voting base.

Democrat Senator Chris Murphy was on CBS’s “Face the Nation” with Margaret Brennan on Sunday to discuss the border. Being a typical Democrat politician, he gave excuses for the border and even blamed President Trump and the Republicans for the border crisis.

“The President could take executive action and has been talking about it since back in February when Homeland Security Secretary mentioned it was being considered. Should he just get caught trying?” Brennan asked.

“The President has such limited ability to issue executive orders that would have an impact on the border. He can’t conjure resources out of thin air,” Senator Murphy responded.

(Referring to “Bipartisanship”),”It is up to Donald Trump and Republicans as to whether they want to solve the problem at the border or whether they want to keep the border a mess,” Senator Murphy continued.


Senator Murphy’s claim that bipartisan support will solve the border crisis is a distraction from the reality that the Biden regime has failed its Constitutional duties under Article IV, Section 4 to secure our nation from an invasion.

Actions speak louder than words. When the Biden regime took over in 2021, they gave an open border invitation for all. To solidify their actions, in 2023, the Biden regime sold off huge unused portions of the border wall that had not been installed yet. The mainstream media rarely, if ever, would report that.

DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas has dodged responsibility for the open border and instead blamed it on a “broken system.” He made that claim back in February when he appeared on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”


In the last 3 plus years, an overwhelming 10 to 12 million illegals have entered the United States under the Biden regime.

That number equals about the population of 41 individual states.


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