Mich. Democrats Passing Laws to Make Systemic Voter Fraud Easier, Harder to Catch

Michigan Dems Pass Bill to ease Voter Fraud, Make Investigating Fraud Impossible

A week ago, Michigan Senate Bill 603 was reported out of the Elections Committee in the Michigan House on a party-line vote. Democrats were in favor of the bill, which would effectively make illegal any kind of voter fraud investigation for future elections.

House Elections Cmte. Vice-Chair Smit: “If the 2020 was so Secure, why are Democrats Making Future Investigations Illegal?”

Rep. Rachelle Smit (R-Michigan)

Elections Committee Vice Chair Rachelle Smit explained, “This bill prevents Boards of Canvassers from investigating election fraud. Now, it only permits investigations for ‘error’ but assumes that there is no such thing as voter fraud. The Democrats are ensuring are elections and election processes are neither safe nor secure. This bill ensures that every election is now suspect because there’s no way to investigate fraud.”

Independent studies by academics have shown ‘impossible statistical anomalies’ in the 2020 Michigan election returns, especially with absentee ballots. As well, the Gateway Pundit interviewed and published video from dozens of eyewitnesses who saw late-arriving illegal ballots, ghost voters, mishandling of ballots, intimidation of GOP election workers and poll challengers, illegal expulsion of GOP workers, likely fraudulent ballots, secret suppressed evidence of a systemic effort to register fake voters, all processed and counted to throw the election against incumbent Donald Trump, all just within Michigan.

Rep. Rachelle Smit, a Republican, is a former elections clerk for her local jurisdiction in west Michigan. Her colleague Rep. Jay DeBoyer was also a former County Clerk overseeing elections in St. Clair County, Michigan.

Rep. Jay DeBoyer had this to say about the legislative changes enacted by the Democrat legislature, “The Dems are successfully stacking the deck by stripping provisions of law that would provide for the detection of potential fraud committed during the process of administering an election. This is bad; we all know it’s bad yet the ignorance and pure disregard for election security from the democrats reigns Supreme.”

Rep. Smit further noted, “If 2020 was so Secure in Michigan, why are Democrats Making Future Investigations Illegal?”
Rep. Jay DeBoyer (R-Michigan)
Reps. Smit and DeBoyer identified a wide variety of things wrong with SB 603, notably the bill:
  • Doubles the fees for a candidate to request a recount.
  • Reduces the time to contest an election to 24 hours.
  • Stops Counties from investigation election fraud, only allowing for reviews of ‘error’
  • Allows Counties to impose inconsistent and incoherent rules
  • Removes public oversight and review of election recounts
  • Only allows fraud investigations to be conducted by the Secretary of State, a highly political office
  • Creates a felony for anyone who ‘interferes’ with a recount, which could be used to threaten citizens who demand a recount and are unfamiliar with the process
Senate Bill 603 now goes before the full House for consideration, passage, and referral to the Governor. The bill was written by State Senate Democrats Stephanie Chang and Sen. Jeremy Moss.
Dem Senator Stephanie Chang, proponent of voter fraud.
Both Smit and DeBoyer are currently serving on the House Elections Committee.
Rep. Rachelle Smit was elected in 2022 to District 43, representing Allegan County, and parts of Barry, Eaton, and Ottawa. Rep. Jay DeBoyer was elected in 2022 to District 63, representing St. Clair County and parts of Macomb County.
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