The “Left” Is a “Bigger Danger” to Our Country than Russia and China – President Trump Drops Truth Bombs on the Way into Today’s NYC Show Trial (VIDEO)

President Trump speaks to reporters on Thursday morning on his way into court in the New York City Alvin Bragg show trial.

President Trump took time to speak with supporters on Thursday morning on his way into court in the New York City Alvin Bragg – Juan Merchan show trial.

President Trump was flanked today by Senator Rick Scott from Florida who joined him in the courtroom.

President Trump first shamed American Jews for voting Democrat after the unprecedented attacks by the far left in recent weeks at campuses across the United States.

Recall that President Trump was the first US president in history to complete peace agreements between Israel and several Muslim nations labeled The Abraham Accords.

Trump then dropped this truth bomb that is obvious to anyone paying attention, the far left today is a “bigger danger” to the country than even Russia or China.

President Donald Trump: Thank you very much. What Biden is doing with respect to Israel is disgraceful. If any Jewish person voted for Joe Biden, they should be ashamed of themselves. He’s totally abandoned Israel, and nobody can believe it. I guess he feels good about it because he did it as a political decision. You have to do the right decision, not the political decision. But he did a very bad thing. I just want to let you know that we’re I just filed a major motion in the Appelate Division concerning the absolutely unconstitutional gag order, where I’m essentially not allowed to talk to you about anything meaningful that’s going on in the case. And many good things are going on with the case. It shouldn’t have been filed. They had this morning the top legal scholars in the country. This is a Frankenstein case. They took a dead misdemeanor. They attached it to a dead alleged federal felony and zapped it back into life.

So many of us are just amazed to watch this actually walk into court because it’s not a recognizable crime that any of us have seen. It’s Jonathan Turley. I’ve been doing this for 60 years, and I don’t understand what crime he’s been charged with. Nobody understands this. I just don’t get the crime. There’s no evidence of any crime whatsoever. This is a shame. That’s Alan Dershowitz. And these are people that speak their minds. They’re not for me. They’re for justice. This is another one. This is without precedent in American history. Only with the desperation of President Joe Biden and his fanatic left wing enforcers did it become possible to think about arresting and jailing their major political opponent. This case must be taken out of Judge Merchan’s head because it’s totally conflicted. Judge Merchan is totally conflicted. Like probably no judge has ever been conflicted before. Here’s another one, Manhattan DA, Alvin Bragg. His prosecution of former President Donald Trump violates both the federal and state constitutions. This is a prosecutor making it up as he goes along. Due process – does not tolerate that. So these are statements. This is Andrew McCarthy made that statement. Highly respected. A judge is allowing wide scope of information that has absolutely nothing to do with the case. That’s Rebecca Rose Woodland at Fox News.

Today, we have Rick Scott here, Senator Rick Scott. We have other politicians here. We have people, many people in support.

The outside of this building is closed down, like Fort Knox. Nobody’s ever seen. We have so many police down here, New York’s finest, and they are New York’s finest. They’re just told what to do. But they don’t have them at Columbia, they don’t have them at NYU or any other places. This is like an armed camp down here.

And you have nothing to worry about. Believe me, your problem is from the left. It’s not from the right. Big problem from the left. It’s from within, from within our country. That’s, in my opinion, a bigger danger than China or Russia. You have it from the outside and you have it from within. From within is a bigger danger to our country, and it’s from the left, not from the right. But Rick Scott’s here, and he said, You can’t go after political persecutions. This is ashamed. This should not be happening in our country. Senator Ted Cruz put out a very strong statement about attacking Donald Trump and the American voter. It’s an attack on both. This is purely and simply election interference. There is no case. So that’s the way it is. But here we sit after two and a half weeks, and I think you’ll see some very revealing things today.

I want to thank my lawyers. They’ve done a very good job, and I’d rather thank them after it’s over as opposed to now because we don’t want them to get carried away. There’s no case. It should have never been brought. Alvin Bragg didn’t want to bring it. Cy Vance didn’t want to bring it, and he didn’t. He left, he didn’t bring it. Everybody’s looked at it. Southern district didn’t bring it. Federal elections didn’t bring it. It’s also a federal case, not a state case, which they’re not allowed to do, but these are minor details. I I just want to thank you for being here, and we’ll see you later in the afternoon. Thank you very much. What did you think of the story Daniels that’s coming in? How does the money care about the testimony?

Are you politicizing this trial? All right. That is former President Trump. Right before court, he usually does make comments. He made two basic comments. First of all, he started with the news of the day from the Biden announcement last night during the CNN interview that basically, Israel might be on their own when it comes to needing weapons. The President here, President Trump, made a point of saying that if you’re Jewish in America and you voted for Biden, you must be disappointed. He actually said, You should feel ashamed of yourself. But I think what his point was is that Biden is a that Biden is abandoning Israel in its time of need.

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