LAUGHABLE: MSNBC’s Morning Joe Accuses New York Times Polling of Pro-Trump Bias (VIDEO)

A recent New York Times poll was full of good news for Donald Trump and MSNBC’s ‘Morning Joe’ host Joe Scarborough just can’t deal.

This week, he actually accused the New York Times polling of pro-Trump bias. Does anyone believe that’s true?

Scarborough’s rant was just theater. He knows Joe Biden watches the show, so he is making arguments that he knows Biden wants to hear.

NewsBusters provides a transcript:

HEILEMANN: I’m not saying it’s not close. I’m not going to carry water for the New York Times or the methodology of this poll. I would keep going back to the thing that I try to say every time we talk about these things. Which is, that I’m really interested in — and I know you know this. What are the polls showing us directionally about the race?

SCARBOROUGH: I understand. There’s a difference, though, with the New York Times/ Siena poll, and you know this. It’s given disproportionate impact. This year, this cycle, it is skewed wildly in Donald Trump’s direction. [Heilemann tries to speak.]

Hold on. And the New York Times feasts on it with clickbait stories, like, a dozen at a time.

HEILEMANN: And I, what I’m trying to focus on is what I think people should pay attention to [tries to continue]–

SCARBOROUGH: — [Interrupting] But what I’m trying to focus on is, the New York Times right now is actively shaping the election cycles, where this poll comes out on a Sunday, and on Monday, people go, oh — and I heard it! And I’m sitting there going, don’t be so stupid.

That’s why we’re doing this. [Heilemann tries to respond. Scarborough shouts.]

Watch the video:

Scarborough is just delusional, like most of his MSNBC colleagues.


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