Large “Transgender (Bio Male)” Student Brutally Assaults Much Smaller Girl at New York High School While Fellow Pupils Film Attack – Bomb Threat Sent to School (VIDEO)

Credit: @ReduxxMag

A horrifying video has emerged showing a large transgender (biological male) student attacking a smaller and weaker girl in a New York high school women’s restroom, which resulted in a bomb threat being sent to the institution after the clip was discovered online.

While the assault at Greece Arcadia High School in Rochester reportedly took place in February, it was only uncovered on Thursday by the feminist website Reduxx. The outlet also noted the school refused to share any details regarding the awful beating.

The clip captured by Reduxx shows the transgender teen storming into a restroom stall and laying a beatdown on the innocent girl while other students record the assault on their cell phones.

The trans student then grabs the helpless girl by her hair and violently drags her out along the floor and into the hallway. The victim can be heard screaming in terror.

The transgender teen lands several more punches on his victim before a school staff member finally arrives to help break up the one-sided fight. Another person then picks the girl up and carries her away.


WXXI News reported the school received an “anti-transgender” bomb threat loaded with profanity just after 6 a.m. on Friday, the day after the video went viral.

According to WHEC, the threat message accused Greece Arcadia High School of failing to ensure a safe learning environment. It also claimed the district was encouraging “mentally ill” and “degenerate” behavior in students, explicitly referencing the brawl.

School officials evacuated both Greece Arcadia High and Middle schools following the threat. Classes were delayed from opening for two hours as police investigated the bomb threat.

Superintendent Kathleen Graupman called the bomb threat a hate crime and claimed outside forces were using the brutal assault to advance an agenda.

“It is clear that this is being used for an agenda, whether it’s a personal or political agenda, it is being used. That fight that occurred was significant and very, very upsetting and disturbing, and also, I want to be very clear: it involved minors, and it involved minors that deserve respect and privacy. We don’t get to share videos and names and peoples’ personal identities out there,” Graupman said.

As WHEC notes, Graupman went on to say the school district is helping authorities find and prosecute the individual or individuals who sent the bomb threat.

There is no word on whether the vicious attack on the innocent girl by the transgender student will be investigated and prosecuted, however.


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