Lara Trump on Campaign Donations for President Trump-“April Fundraising Exceeded our Expectations, Average Donation Was Under $30, That Means the People of this Country Understand What’s at Stake” (VIDEO)

Lara Trump was on “Sunday Morning Futures” with Maria Bartiromo to discuss President Trump’s campaign fundraising.

“The majority of the time is in a courtroom. How are you raising money and putting President Trump in front of donors if he’s got to be in New York all day long?” Bartiromo asked Lara Trump.

“They want to keep Donald Trump trapped in a courtroom and not able to go out and campaign and their hope is that somehow that helps Joe Biden,” Lara Trump said.

“Donald Trump’s poll numbers continuing to go up and at the RNC and Trump campaign we announced that are April fundraising exceeded our expectations. We raised 76 million dollars and the beauty of that is the average donation Maria, is under $30. That means the people of this country understand what’s at stake,” Lara Trump continued.


They also discussed the importance of a debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden on stage.

“People want to see one on one Trump, Biden, on stage for a debate with enough time to put their vote in but I believe the first debate happens after the early voting begins,” Bartiromo said.

“We’ve called for more debates; Donald Trump said ‘anytime, anywhere, any place’ he will debate Joe Biden,” Lara Trump said.

“It is imperative to see these two men on a stage, to see these two candidates who want to not just lead our country, but be the leader of the free world, head-to-head, face to face, on a debate stage,” Lara Trump continued.


Lara Trump also discussed lawsuits to prevent ballot counting after election day. The RNC and the Trump campaign sued in Nevada to prevent counting after election day.

“I see the RNC and the Trump campaign filing a lawsuit in a battleground state to stop counting ballots past election day. What are you doing with suing Nevada right now?” Bartiromo asked.

“You cannot have ballots counted Maria, after elections are over, and right now that is one of the many lawsuits we have out across this country to ensure that just that happens, that we have a free, fair, and transparent elections,” Lara Trump continued.



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