Lamborghini Thief Flees Cops at More Than 100 MPH, Crashes Moments Later and is Thrown Hundreds of Feet From Wreck (VIDEO)

A car thief behind the wheel of a Lamborghini in Los Angeles fled the police at more than 100 miles per hour and moments later crashed the vehicle, totaling it and getting thrown hundreds of feet from the wreck. He died at the scene.

Thieves are not usually very smart and this guy was no exception.

People who have never been behind the wheel of a vehicle like the Lamborghini have no idea how much power these cars have and how easily you can lose control. This man found out the hard way.

This happened in April but the footage just became available.

FOX News reported:

LA Lamborghini thief dies in 115 mph crash seconds after fleeing traffic stop: dashcam video

Los Angeles police pulled up behind a driver asleep at the wheel of a Lamborghini, discovered the vehicle was stolen and the suspect had outstanding warrants before he sped off on video lost control of the car and died in a high-speed crash just seconds later.

The suspect, 51-year-old Los Angeleno Elliott Dugan, woke up, refused to cooperate with law enforcement, and sped away to his death up the street, body and dashcam videos show.

The incident happened on April 6, but police released the videos Wednesday.

“Do you know why I pulled you over?” an officer asks.

In a conversation with officers, Dugan denied that the car was stolen and claimed he had rented it. Police asked him repeatedly to get out of the vehicle.

Dugan asserted that he did not have to get out of the car until police gave him a reason why. The officer said he would be detained and asked him several more times to get out.

He hit the gas instead.

Watch the video below:

That’s one guy who won’t be stealing any more cars.

He paid the ultimate price for his crime.


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