Kellyanne Conway Explains How Joe Biden Lost Independent Voters (VIDEO)

Joe Biden has a major problem with Independent voters and as we have noted previously, this alone could easily cost Joe the election. We often focus on the right and the left, but elections are usually decided by people who fall somewhere in the middle.

Former trump adviser Kellyanne Conway recently appeared on the Laura Ingraham show and pinpointed what she sees as the moment Biden lost independents.

According to Conway, it was the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan. She correctly notes that Biden’s poll numbers with Independents have never recovered after that moment in time. She also cites the dismal Biden economy as a driving force.

Transcript via Happyscribe:

For a while, Laura, actually, Joe Biden lost independence [independents] after that chaotic, inexcusable withdrawal from Afghanistan and has never won them back in anyone’s polling. He’s never been on top approval versus disapproval among independents. But when you listen to folks who actually voted for Biden say they’re going to vote for Trump, they’re very clear-headed and concise as to why that is. The New York Times report showed it has an awful lot to do with the economy, inflation. Just the cost of everyday life has become increasingly unaffordable.

They blame the guy in charge for that. When Kareem [Karine] Jean-Pierre says, Gas is down 15 cents, groceries are down 2%, people are saying, Excuse me, housing costs and the CPI, core inflation, when we are trying to feed ourselves, close [clothe] ourselves, put a roof over our heads. That’s up close to 20%. The Wall Street Journal had an unbelievable set of graphs today everybody should look at demonstrating this.

The flip side, the Biden voters, the hard core Biden voters who are going to vote for him again. According to the New York Times, they tend to be white. They tend to be abortion voters. They tend to be against Trump, not for Biden.

This video is cued to start at the 1:22 mark. Just press play:

It will be fascinating to see what kind of role Kellyanne plays in the Trump campaign and hopefully, cabinet, going forward.


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