Judge Grants Restraining Order Against Wisconsin Elections Commission for Printing Illegal Absentee Ballot Envelopes

There’s a major case out of Marinette, Wisconsin, that impacts every absentee voter in the state. The Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC) redesigned absentee ballot envelopes, wasting $600,000 in so-called “election security funds.”

What’s worse, if a judge allows these envelopes to be used in the election this year, there would be no chain of custody of the request for the ballot, making it easier to commit voter fraud in Wisconsin, either knowingly or unknowingly.

In August of last year, the WEC announced the redesign of the absentee certification envelopes to “provide voters with a more user-friendly way to vote absentee in upcoming elections.”

WEC, however, does not have the authority to change state election laws in Wisconsin.

On Friday, a Marinette County judge granted a temporary restraining order against WEC following a lawsuit that alleges the commission redesigned absentee ballot envelopes in a way that violates existing Wisconsin election laws.

Wisconsin attorneys Kevin Scott and Dan Eastman represent a Marinette County voter, Thomas Oldenburg, who filed the lawsuit concerning “the envelope case.”

According to Wisconsin law, an absentee voter must submit a signed statement inside the ballot envelope for it to be lawful. However, the new ballot envelope rolled out by WEC prompts voters to certify the envelopes themselves.

Scott and Eastman argue this violates existing state election laws since an envelope can’t replace a legally required application form.

In a press release, Scott stated, “The Hobson’s choice is either you sign a false statement under oath or you don’t get your absentee ballot counted. Now everybody should care about that. That’s not a partisan issue because these envelopes were created by the bipartisan Wisconsin Elections Commission.”

The new EL-122s, as opposed to previous versions of these envelopes, contain a section that requires the elector to certify under penalty of law that the elector requested the ballot and that the EL-122 itself was “an original or a copy of that request.”

Scott added, “The problem with these envelopes is that they force voters, under penalty of law, to make a false statement. That false statement in which they’re returning an absentee ballot is a copy of the application for the absentee ballot. It’s the most ridiculous, absurd statement you could make.”

Further, Scott and Eastman argue that allowing these new envelopes to be used in future elections will disenfranchise Wisconsin absentee voters.

At a press conference in Union Grove on Monday, Eastman said, “So at this point in Wisconsin, the only way you can vote is in-person at a polling place because you can’t use the envelope until WEC fixes the envelope, or you know, the judge pulls the TRO. The point is, we have a state agency that is basically out of control.”

Election integrity hero State Rep. Janel Brandtjen (R-Menomonee Falls), who was removed from her position on the Election Committee by anti-Trump Wisconsin Speaker Robin Vos, calls the latest WEC scandal an “incredible disaster.”

According to The Federalist, Brandtjen said, “There is no trail for requesting a ballot. … This would make the mail-in delivery system untraceable.”

She added, “Do you just want to hand the election to the Democrats? There is no downside to cheating in the state of Wisconsin with Republicans who are uneducated or unwilling to understand election law as it stands.”

Brandtjen also renewed calls to remove Wisconsin Elections Commission Administrator Meagan Wolfe.

The allegations against Wolfe include promoting and encouraging illegal alterations of absentee ballot applications during the administration of the 2020 presidential election in Wisconsin.

Scott added, “People will say, ‘What’s the big deal?’ but absentee ballot voting being misused is a real issue. This hurts an entire community’s vote.”

The Gateway Pundit has reported extensively on this 2020 voter fraud scheme in several battleground states where military ballots shockingly went almost entirely to Joe Biden.

In March, Wisconsin Democrat Kimberly Zapata was found guilty on all counts against her in a voter fraud scheme involving military ballots in the battleground state. Prosecutors say in 2022, she ordered military ballots using names she made up.

Judge James Morrison is scheduled to make a final judgment on this case on Wednesday, June 5, at 1 p.m.

You can read the brief here:

You can read the brief in support of a motion for temporary injunction here:

You can read the signed temporary injunction here:


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