Joe Rogan on Left Wing Colleges: ‘We Are Sending Our Kids to Cult Camps’ (VIDEO)

Joe Rogan recently had Tulsi Gabbard on his podcast and part of their discussion was about the madness we are seeing on college campuses today.

Rogan pointed out that many colleges and universities have become little more than progressive indoctrination centers and referred to them as ‘cult camps.’

He also pointed out that the ideology these students are getting from these schools is spreading out and infiltrating nearly every aspect of our lives.

Real Clear Politics provides a transcript:

JOE ROGAN: With the open borders, you have all these people funneling into the country and then you have an erosion of confidence in our entire system because people are very aware of that. The more people are let out of jail after committing violent crimes, the more people who are aware of that. If you look at the whole picture that is in play now, particularly with the open borders and giving people plane tickets and flying them to all these different cities.

If I was going to try to destroy the country, that’s how I would do it. If I was going to try to destroy the country, I would radicalize the kids, give them the stupidest ideas, and run them in their head. Boys can be girls. Girls can be boys. Boys can compete against girls in sports if they think they are a girl. “Queers for Palestine.” Death to the Jews. Yell it out, unironically on campuses.

Have the presidents of those colleges and universities defend it, which was wild, with cameras on them!…

It shows how they live in a bubble and don’t interact with the real world, and when they did thew shock was probably horrifying to realize how most people feel about what they said. “It’s not harassment unless it’s actionable?” Like, what are you saying? You’re saying you have to kill Jews and then it is harassment? Isn’t that a little late?…

I think we are sending our kids to cult camps. They get indoctrinated into this… That’s supposed to be Harvard? That’s supposed to be the smartest people amongst us?

Watch the video below:

The campus protests did one potentially good thing. They woke up the public to what’s actually being taught at these schools.

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