Jen Psaki Defends Biden’s Lack of Media Access – Suggests He Should Appear on ‘The View’ (VIDEO)

Joe Biden’s former press secretary Jen Psaki, who now has a TV show on MSNBC for some reason, appeared on The View today and defended Biden’s historic lack of press appearances.

She suggested that it was great that Biden did the Howard Stern show and then said that he should appear on The View, to the delight of the cackling hosts.

Do you think Joe would get any challenging questions on that show? Please.

Transcript via NewsBusters:

ALYSSA FARAH GRIFFIN: So Jen, you have been on both sides as working as a press secretary, but also now being in the media. And there’s been a lot of criticism of Biden, most recently from The New York Times that he’s held the fewest interviews and press availabilities of any president since Reagan. I personally think it would help dispel some of the concerns about his age if he did more. What would your advice be to the White House in terms of his accessibility to press?

JEN PSAKI: Well, I think the benefit of the media environment right now – there’s a lot of challenges, but I’ll start at the optimistic side – is that there are so many choices. And when you’re communicating from the White House, I mean, respect for freedom of speech and freedom of the press is important, but you’re also really just trying to communicate with the American people.

So, my view is he should come on The View before he does a press conference.



PSAKI: He should because people want to have real conversations about issues that are happening. I think press conferences are important, but I also think him doing Howard Stern –


Here’s the video:

Biden is not doing media because he can’t complete a sentence. He might be able to manage an appearance on a show like The View because the hosts would rescue him if he got into trouble.


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