J6er Wrongful Labels Causing Mistreatment from the Shadows

J6 political prisoner Barry Ramey was sentenced to sentenced to 5 years in prison for his participation on January 6th.

The Gateway Pundit exclusively reported that he has launched an appeal against the egregious politically motivated sentence.

On January 6th, Ramey did not make physical contact with Law Enforcement, was not violent, and did not break anything. Yet he was found guilty of assault. He is appealing the sentence based on the lack of evidence brought by the prosecution, false testimonies by government witnesses, and the misrepresentation of evidence by the prosecution.

Before the sentence was even handed down, he was held for nearly two years pre-trial in deplorable conditions.

The Gateway Pundit reported in August that Barry was stabbed in the face for watching Tucker Carlson.  Additionally,  in a letter to TGP, he sounded the alarm on the abuse he and other J6 defendants are enduring from bigoted correction officers.
Barry’s fiance, Desiree, is working to shed light on what is happening to him and other J6ers.
She recently wrote to The Gateway Pundit to share the mistreatment facing Barry and other J6 political prisoners.

**Please help Barry here.***

I’m writing this hoping to bring under the microscope two damaging issues with J6ers currently in DOJ/BOP custody and them being labeled behind the scenes, which is affecting their treatment and where they are permitted to serve time.

We already know J6ers are not being treated very well, but it’s even worse than we thought! As I tell the story of my fiancé Barry Ramey, know it’s not a unique story because it’s happening to all the men and women who are serving time for anything related to January 6th.

First, the BOP has wrongfully labeled, not only Barry but a very large portion of J6ers, with the label known as ‘Greatest Severity”.

What does this mean?

It’s a label that they code as a great threat to the community at large. It also means that, with this label, J6er’s eligibility for serving time in a Federal Prison Camp (which is the safest option available for serving incarcerated prison time) is eliminated due to the way the BOP score calculates the label, regardless of whether they, like Barry, have no criminal past.

Yet, sitting in Federal Prison Camps, as we speak, are bank robbers, people who have committed violent crimes, and others convicted of terrible things. How is it that these people are allowed to serve time in Prison Camps, and J6 patriots are being designated with a label that places them in higher security prisons that hold convicted rapists, murderers, gang members, and others with a recurrent history of convictions?

Their justification for this “Greatest Severity” label, as was told to Barry, is that it is not their charges but “their conduct” on January 6th. However, they are attempting to justify this egregious overreach by lumping together all the things that happened or even didn’t happen the entire day of January 6th into one report and applying all of it to J6ers, even if it had nothing to do with them, their charges, their location, etc.

**Please help Barry here.***

As an example, when reading Barry’s Pre-Sentencing report, it mentions the following things that have nothing to do with Barry.

1. Property damage and vandalism is listed. Barry never damaged or vandalized anything.
2. The Breach inside the capital is listed. Barry never went inside.
3. The initial breach is listed in detail as if Barry had been there even though by time stamp, they say that Barry arrived 20 minutes after that had occurred.
4. The conduct of another J6er, Ryan Samsel, is listed. Barry was nowhere around Mr. Samsel and didn’t even know him at that time. So, what does one thing have to do with the other? It doesn’t. I would guess Mr. Samsel’s report is riddled with misstatements and untruths, to no fault of his own, as well.
5. The entirely false statement claiming Barry threatened an FBI agent investigating his case, despite the fact those charges were dropped after it came to light that it didn’t happen and the prosecution withheld evidence that proved Barry’s innocence on this issue.

So, when you, or anyone in the Federal prison system, read the Pre-Sentencing reports for J6ers, it leads the reader to believe that their conduct was far worse than it was, as shown by the above things that either have nothing to do with Barry or were false accusations. But they are in the report as if they are true. And that is wrong.

The Second horrific and wrong label (and what many believe to be illegal) placed on not only Barry but so many J6ers by the DOJ / BOP is “terrorist.” There is a division of the BOP that focuses on “counter-terrorism.” What seems to be their focus now is to monitor J6ers and take things they say out of context and punish them with more time while under DOJ/BOP custody.

And this has been done in the shadows!

They even told Barry they were monitoring MY social media accounts. I was not at the Capitol on January 6th nor have I even been accused of this. I am a private citizen. I’m not under BOP custody. So, why would the counter-terrorism unit under the BOP monitor MY social media?

Let’s not forget that this DOJ will not even call cartels or Iranian-backed proxy groups “terrorists,” but they are labeling J6ers this way. This is so dangerous! Call me naïve, but I believe there are still some good people left in the DOJ/BOP.

But as Edmund Burke said, “All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.” This inappropriate torquing of the system behind the scenes causes one to ponder if it’s J6ers now, what next? If doing nothing paves the way for evil to triumph, what then?

Barry may have been charged with two assaults (the 2nd which never happened) and while he is in the process of appeal while serving a five-year sentence, the story that doesn’t get told is the level of provocation that day. And some are saying entrapment.

**Please help Barry here.***

Imagine being among the crowd on January 6th, peacefully singing the National Anthem like Barry was, only to be erratically barraged by tear gas, concussion grenades, rubber bullets, and witnessing a man get shot through his cheek with munitions!

Was Barry wrong for reacting? He’ll be the first to tell you he wishes he could have done things differently that day.

Should Barry or any J6er be labeled a terrorist?

No! You’ll never catch Barry at a college campus yelling, “Death to Israel or Death to America.” That’s what terrorists yell!

Barry is a good man who stands for the triumph of America, not the triumph of evil.

With thanks,

Desiree (aka Osprey Sensei) Fiancée to J6er Barry Ramey

X & Truth Social: @Osprey_Sensei

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