Inside J6 with Kash Kelly – “You’re Giving Them Everything and More While People are Sleeping Under Bridges and in Tents in Chicago”

This week on Blessed News “Inside J6” hosted by The Gateway Pundit featured an interview with Kash Kelly.  Kash is a recently released J6er from the suburbs of Chicago in NW Indiana.  In this episode, we discussed his J6 experience and the reasoning for his trek to Washington DC on that day.

But more importantly, we got into a discussion about mysterious new arrests and an apparent lack of interest for three years in the J6er who fired off two shots from the scaffolding on January 6th.

DOJ FINALLY Arrests J6er Who Fired Gun Off from the Scaffolding on Jan. 6 – After Video Was Released Last Month by Derrick Evans and Posted at The Gateway Pundit

We also had the opportunity to discuss the abomination of catering to illegal immigrants while poor American communities are struggling to pay their rent, buy groceries, and pay their monthly bills and the impact this is having on poor communities across the country.

You can follow Kash Kelly on X at KashLeeKelly1 and on YouTube here.

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