Impact of Bidenomics on Your Memorial Day Weekend: Prices Skyrocket Since 2021

Americans will gather this weekend to celebrate Memorial Day in memory of those who gave their last full measure in service to this great nation. But each American will also find the costs for cookout staples soaring, thanks to the policies of President Joe Biden and his administration.

For those spending the day cooking at home, Americans are finding that the costs of supplies and foods have soared since Biden entered office thanks to his disastrous “Bidenomics” policies.

According to a report by Fox Business Network, prices are on the rise, jumping more than ten percent over the cost to feed an average family in 2023.

FBN added that, “Burgers jumped from $7.04 in 2023 to $8.07 in 2024, or a change of 14.63% in cost. Hamburger buns cost two cents more, from $3.04 on average to $3.06.”

The news outlet added that ketchup costs ten cents more than 2023, mustard is up eight cents, and pickle relish soared 50 percent over a year ago.

FBN also noted that Americans are being socked with a 20 percent rise for their average trip to the grocery since 2023.

As it was, the costs of a Memorial Day barbecue in 2023 was itself a jump over the previous years. At the time, Politico reported that the Consumer Price Index found food prices were up 7.7 percent.

Even more concerning, The Western Journal actually went in and crunched some numbers from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and found stark price increases for two key Memorial Day staples.

Looking at the Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers data provided, uncooked ground beef rose in price by 22 percent since 2021, while hot dogs shot up by 20 percent since 2021.

Those are not insignificant figures, especially as many Americans already feel suffocated by Bidenomics.

This is far from the first time that holiday costs are swamping us all, forcing us to pay more for less.

During the Fourth of July last year, for instance, the costs of our Independence Day also soared.

For instance, The American Farm Bureau Federation reported that the average cost to feed 10 people rose to $67.73 last year. In fairness, that was down three percent from the $69.68 seen in 2022, when inflation peaked at 9.1 percent in June 2022. Still, both 2022 and 2022 were up significantly up from 2021.

At the time, Wells Fargo reported that the cost of beer was up 8 percent; soft drinks, up 14 percent; bread, up 22 percent; ice cream, up 9 percent; processed cheese, up 10 percent; and potato chips were up 15 percent that year.

Later that year, the costs of Thanksgiving were also seen to cost far more under Biden than it had under Donald Trump.

The American Farm Bureau Federation recorded higher prices in 2023 over those seen in 2019 when Donald Trump was in office. The organization reported at the time that the cost of Thanksgiving prices soared by 25 percent under Biden.

The costs of buying candy for the costumed kiddies during last Halloween also scared Americans.

Costs soared 7.5 percent between Sept. of 2022 to Sept. 2023, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, as KOMU-TV reported last year.

Of course, it isn’t just the costs of our holidays we are seeing on the rise. Everything we do, buy, and need is soaring under Biden. After all, Democrats ruin everything they touch.

Unfortunately, it does not seem that Joe Biden has much of a handle on what inflation is or what it is doing to us all. In fact, he keeps going around saying that the inflation rate was at 9 percent when he took over from Donald Trump, even though his absurd claim has been debunked time and again. It was actually only 1. 4 percent when he took office.

Even Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell has admitted that his confidence has been shaken by the persistent inflation that is dogging the economy.

Biden has been costing us all more every year since he took office, but we do have a chance in Nov. to put an end to the soaring costs of everyday life.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.


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