“I’m Telling You They Are the Gestapo – They Are Organized Crime!- They’re EVIL!” – Courageous Ken Paxton Calls for Dismantling the Corrupt FBI – “They’ve Lost Their Credibility” (VIDEO)

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton unloads on the “evil” DOJ and “Gestapo” FBI.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton joined Steve Bannon on The War Room to discuss the Texas primary election results on Tuesday.

Paxton celebrated the victory of 24 or 25 pro-MAGA candidates in the Texas GOP primaries last night. Paxton also called on an end of the open primary in Texas after Democrats were able to win out seats for RINO candidates like controversial Texas Speaker Dade Phelan.

Ken Paxton then went on to the describe the depths of corruption in the US Department of Justice and FBI.

AG Ken Paxton: This is what happened to me three and a half years ago. Actually, I got a referral from the Travis County district attorney to investigate the FBI and Department of Justice for Corruption, for violating state and federal law. I started that process only to find that the FBI knew about it before I did. They knew about the the referral before I did, and they were already in my office threatening people and scaring the heck out of all of them. And so that’s how the whole coup in my office happened. It was over that issue because I told my staff, we are investigating them. I don’t care what they do to us. If we can’t stand up to the FBI and Department of Justice when they are committing crimes, and they are committing crimes, if I could have finished this investigation, we would have found it and we would have at least exposed it, even though we would have had to get authority to prosecute it.

I guarantee you, they don’t follow any rules anymore. They don’t follow the Constitution. It’s really hard to hold them accountable when they could turn an investigation on me My investigation to them and it went into an investigation on me, and that’s exactly what happened to me.

Steve Bannon: Hang on. I want to go back and hit rewind on this. We’re sitting here in the day after this historic runoff that came from a historic primary, that came from a historic impeachment that’s basically brought to the attention of people How the Bush establishment still runs Texas, although it’s a mega state. You’re saying that this all began years before when you got information that you should start an investigation of the FBI or had to start an investigation of the FBI, and then they came immediately. They knew beforehand.

Ken Paxton: …So I track it down, and I’m told by my head of law enforcement, I’m told by my top guys, we’re not investigating them. And I said, why? And they said, because law enforcement cannot commit a crime. And I said, what do you mean? We don’t investigate law enforcement because it’s not possible for them to commit a crime. That was what I was told by David Maxwell, who was head of my law enforcement… Then I went to my first assistant, and I said, we got to fire that guy. And he goes, I can’t. I said, why? He said, because he threatened me. And he said, if I did what you want me to do, if I investigated them, they It’s going to come after me. Like the FBI and Department of Justice are going to come after you…

…That’s when the guys in my office filed a complaint against me, saying I had committed a federal crime, but they never said what it was. And then supposedly because of that complaint, they could do whatever they wanted in my office and I couldn’t get rid of them. And that has led to the FBI investigating me, saying that I don’t have the right to fire these people. That’s a federal crime, and now I’ve committed a crime. And that’s what I’ve been dealing with for the last four years, these people harassing me…

…And the downside of all this is the truth never came out. We never got to finish the investigation. And I guarantee you, if we could have finished that investigation, we would have found that the FBI doesn’t follow this Constitution. They don’t give search warrants like they’re supposed to. They go in and do their investigation, and they issue search warrants later after the fact. They violate the Constitution, and then they altered government record, which is a violation of state law. But I never got to that because the Travis County DA, when this all blew up, pulled it. And those guys in my office turned me in so that suddenly I became the subject of an investigation. And that’s what happens when you go after a Russian at the FBI and the Department of Justice.

Steve Bannon: So what is there to be done?… What’s to be done by law-buying citizens? Why are more AGs not stepping up to this? They’ve turned into a Gestapo, an American Gestapo. The DOJ is just as corrupt with Lisa Monaco, Matthew Colangelo, Mary Garland, all of it. What is to be done by average citizens?

AG Ken Paxton: Steve, I’m telling you, they are the Gestapo. We’re in Venezuela. We might as well be in China. We might as well be in Germany during the ’30s and ’40s. It is corrupt. It is the Gestapo. They don’t follow any laws anymore, and no one can stop them. And because of what happened to me, these other AGs are afraid to do anything anyway. So there’s a lot of fear because what can you do? How do you stop them?

And I think that the exposure of this case where this judge is unredacting all of this stuff. We’ve got to have more exposure. And then second, we got to have a president who will come in, bring in an Attorney General that will take these guys out and make sure that the corruption is eliminated and that we start over.

You’re right. When I heard you say, We need to start over, because right now, they were formed. The FBI was formed to go after organized crime. The problem with that now is they are organized crime. They’re paid for by taxpayer dollars. They have become organized crime…

It would be better to have nothing right now. Everybody’s like, Well, what about crime? They’re not there to stop crime anymore. They’re a political organization designed to persecute people like you and me. And so it would be better not to have anything than to have that. So, yes, you have to take it to the ground and start over. I don’t know any other way because there’s so much corruption and it’s been so built up by so many other people for so long. I don’t know how you figure out who’s doing all the bad stuff unless you just… Because you don’t have a lot of time. You got to do it fast and you just got to start over with something else.

Via The War Room.

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