HORROR: Transgender Individual Coldly Mows Down Elderly Man TWICE With His Car – Then Gives Him the Kiss of Death Before Stabbing Him as Neighbors Watch (VIDEO)

Credit: ABC 13 Houston

Horrifying video footage has captured the moment a transgender individual mowed down a helpless 64-year-old man named Steven Anderson twice and then fatally stabbed him earlier this month in Houston, Texas.

As The Daily Mail reported Saturday, the incident occurred on Woodridge Square Drive on May 3 in broad daylight. Police identified the suspect as 20-year-old Karon Fisher.

Fisher is identified in court records as a male, but the Houston Police Department (HPD) referred to the suspect as a female in a Monday statement. The author of this article will be using male pronouns to describe Fisher.

Karon Fisher Credit: Houston Police Department

The footage starts with Fisher racing toward Anderson in his Dodge Challenger as the elderly man walks to get his mail. He proceeds to hit Anderson, then puts the car in reverse and runs him over again.

While horrified neighbors watch, Fisher returns to the scene with a knife. He proceeds to straddle and kiss Anderson before flipping him over and stabbing him at least nine times as the witnesses fail to intervene.


Police officers say Anderson died as a result of the knife wounds, not after getting hit by the car. It is unknown at this point whether the two men knew each other.

Houston police eventually caught up to Anderson and arrested him. They credited the neighbors for their detailed description of the crime and suspect.

Neighbors who spoke to ABC 13 News told the outlet they were disturbed by the horrifying incident and stunned it happened in broad daylight right in front of them.

“It’s very disturbing. I have kids here; they could have been out here playing, and imagine them,” one neighbor told ABC13.

“Broad daylight. People around every time, and it happened right under our noses,” said another neighbor.

Other witnesses refused to talk to ABC 13 News due to the graphic nature of the crime.

Fisher has been charged with murder and is being held behind bars on a $2 million bond. The murder suspect was previously arrested by the HPD in 2022 for an unspecified disturbance 30 minutes away from last week’s murder.


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