Home Intruder with Long Rap Sheet “Cut to Pieces” by Florida Man After Shooting Innocent Woman in the Face

Credit: Highlands County Sheriff’s Office

A low-life career criminal paid the ultimate price after breaking into a Florida man’s home and shooting his wife.

WESH reported that Highland County police officers responded to a suspicious incident at a home in Avon Park at roughly 8:30 p.m. Once deputies arrived on the scene, they found a male and female with severe injuries. Both were revealed to be 69-years-old.

In addition to the wounded couple, cops found there was a dead man not related to the couple inside the residence. Police identified the person as 62-year-old Lindsey Glenn and said he broke into the residence and shot the female victim in the face.

Highlands County Sheriff Paul Blackman told reporters Glenn gained entry into the couple’s home under a scam that involved the woman’s job as a notary.

After the male victim witnessed Glenn try to kill his wife, Blackman said the man grabbed a seven-inch garden knife and went to work on the intruder. Glenn ended up dying brutally as a result.

Blackman revealed the thug was “cut to pieces” and “very much deceased” when deputies found him. The sheriff thanked the male victim for his heroic actions.

“I would like to commend the male victim for his bravery and quick action in defending his wife and their home,” Blackman said. “This investigation is still very active and ongoing.”

Blackman went on to call the male victim, who is retired from Pride Industries, an “upstanding citizen.”

WFLA reported that it’s unknown whether the victims and the alleged perpetrator knew each other before the assault. The motive also remains unclear, but the sheriff’s office thinks that Glenn believed the notary would have cash on hand.

WESH revealed the female victim was transported to a trauma center and is expected to survive her horrific injury. The man was sent to a local hospital and has since been released.

Glenn has a long rap sheet with at least 12 different felonies according to Blackman. The crimes include robbery and burglary.

Blackman added that Glenn has been sent to state prison at least six times.


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