Hillary Clinton Comes Up with New Excuse For Why Women ‘Abandoned’ Her During the 2016 Election

Failed Democratic presidential candidate talks to CNN’s Christiane Amanpour about "deprogramming" Trump supporters.
Failed Democratic presidential candidate talks to CNN’s Christiane Amanpour about “deprogramming” Trump supporters. (CNN / YouTube screen shot)

Twice-failed presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton revealed the new reason why women abandoned her during the 2016 election.

No, it wasn’t the Russians. It wasn’t the Macedonian content farmers. It wasn’t the ‘deplorables.’

Hillary Clinton claimed in an interview with the New York Times published on Saturday that women abandoned her because she “wasn’t perfect.”

Clinton whined about then-FBI Director James Comey’s decision to reopen the investigation into her private server and emails.

“But once [Comey] did that to me, the people, the voters who left me, were women,” Clinton said. “They left me because they just couldn’t take a risk on me, because as a woman, I’m supposed to be perfect. They were willing to take a risk on Trump — who had a long list of, let’s call them flaws, to illustrate his imperfection — because he was a man, and they could envision a man as president and commander in chief.”

Hillary said she was shocked that Trump’s ‘sex scandals’ didn’t seem to affect him.

In contrast, Hillary Clinton was marred by her husband Bill’s sex scandals mainly because she destroyed his victims.

Hillary’s “bimbo eruptions” attack on her husband’s mistresses haunted her campaign.

Clinton also claimed if Trump wins the 2024 presidential election, we may never have another election.

Of course, this is just projection.

“This election is existential. I mean, if we don’t make the right decision in this election in our country, we may never have another actual election. I will put that out there because I believe it,” Clinton said. “And if we no longer have another actual election, we will be governed by a small minority of right-wing forces that are well organized and well funded and are getting exactly what they want in terms of turning the clock back on women.”

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