“Here Are the Girls Who Can Get Pregnant…You Are So Beautiful!”- Hamas Monsters Line Up Bloodied Female Israeli Soldiers Against Wall While Threatening to R*pe and Kill Them (SHOCK VIDEO)

Credit: @Israel X account

Sickening bodycam footage has emerged showing a group of Hamas terrorists cruelly taunting captured female Israeli soldiers as they are handcuffed and pressed against a wall.

The shocking video was shared today on Israeli television and first released by The Hostages and Missing Families Forum. As Reuters reported, the video was shot inside the Nahal Oz base’s bomb shelter on October 7, but it was withheld until now.

The Israeli government posted the footage on its X page, complete with English subtitles. Please be warned what you are about to read is extremely disturbing.

In the sickening video, five young female Israeli soldiers in their pajamas are being tormented by Hamas soldiers. They are seen bloodied, presumably from being beaten by the medieval scumbags.

One of the Israeli soldiers pleaded with the savages to find someone who could speak English with her, while another told them that she had friends in Gaza. Their cries fell on deaf ears, however, as the savages demanded they sit down.

“Our brothers died because of you!” one terrorist yells in Arabic. “We will shoot you all!”

One of the terrorists then gleefully announces the group’s plans to r*pe the soldiers.

“Here are the girls who can get pregnant,” one of the Hamas soldiers boasted. “You’re so beautiful!”

Another gunman hurls sexist insults toward the females and threatens to physically assault them.

“You are dogs! We will step on you, dogs!” he shouted.

WATCH (Warning on content):

After the monsters stopped to pray, they violently throw the young women into the back of a car with the sound of gunfire in the background. Several of the females struggle getting to the vehicle while the Hamas terrorists scream at them to leave their friends behind.

The footage concludes with the women packed in the back of the car as it drives off.

The hostages were identified as Liri Albag, Karina Ariev, Agam Berger, Daniella Gilboa, and Naama Levy. They have been held hostage since October 7.

The Hostages and Missing Families Forum explained they released the footage to pressure the Israeli government to bring the girls. They also urged the Jewish state to restart talks with Hamas.

“The video is a damning testament to the nation’s failure to bring home the hostages, who have been forsaken for 229 days,” the group said in a statement. “The Israeli government must not waste even one more moment — it must return to the negotiating table today!”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has rejected renegotiating with the terrorists at this point, believing a ruthless military assault is the only way to make Hamas fold.


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