GOING VIRAL: Father Accuses School of Holding Son “Hostage,” Claims Principal Denied Him Access and Information About His Son’s Condition

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A local father’s distressing ordeal has captured the attention of thousands online after he posted a video alleging that the principal at White Oak School in Parkville, Maryland, held his 11-year-old son “hostage” and refused to disclose his whereabouts or condition.

The father, with a TikTok username of theprototype88, also known as King B., detailed the incident in a video that has since gone viral with almost 8 million views.

In his emotional account, he claims that he rushed to the school after being informed by the vice principal that his son might have ingested a substance and was acting abnormally.

Upon arrival at the school, the father was reportedly met by the principal, who did not allow him to continue his phone conversation with the boy’s mother and subsequently locked him out of the building without providing any information about his son’s situation. He was later let in by another individual, only to be told to wait for the police to arrive.

According to the father, the police officer who arrived at the scene questioned him aggressively without addressing his concerns. After a brief discussion, the officer dismissed his worries and resumed talking with the principal privately, leaving the desperate father in the dark.

In his video, the father mentioned that his son had been sick with allergies for a couple of weeks and had been admitted to the hospital with his sister. The school’s sudden claim that the boy might have a substance in his system.

The father also states that the principal threatened to call child protective services and remained uncooperative throughout the ordeal.

“So, my son has been sick for a couple of weeks—about a week and a half, two weeks. Everybody knew about his allergies. We were in the hospital with him and his sister; she was sick, and he was sick. He’s starting to get blisters and stuff on his lips. I kept asking what was wrong, what was going on. Today, they say they feel like he got a substance in his system. I fly here, and they won’t tell me where my son is. They won’t show me my son, nothing. And then she threatened to call DSF or DCF, or whatever the hell they call it. I don’t know what it is.”

@theprototype88This woman at the white oak school has been consistently rude, nasty and disrespectful since before my son started school here. Idk if it’s because im black or because im a man but this is ridiculous♬ original sound – King B

King B’s desperate plea to see his son at White Oak School in Parkville escalated into a heated exchange with the law enforcement, as captured in a recent video recording.

Father: “Because this is what’s going to happen. I’m asking for my son one last time. I don’t understand why I’ve been here for an hour and I still don’t know what’s going on with my son. I still have not seen my son. The lady who has care of my son locked me out of the school. I have been asking now for… It’s been an hour to see my son. Now you’re telling me you’re going to wait for a medic. That’s not how this works. You are not the caregiver, and neither are they. I am.”

Police: “Actually, in the school, they’re the caregivers right now.”

Father: “No, no, no. They are the caregivers until I am here. I am here. That’s my son. If I came here and I said, ‘Hey, I’m signing him out,’ that’s what’s going to happen. They don’t have a right to say, ‘Oh, no, you can’t.’ What I’m saying is I want my son, and I want to do what’s best for my son. As a police officer here, I’m trying to help you by saying the best bet in this situation is, ‘Please just go get my son.’… I’m not going to ask anymore because I’ve been demanding it now. I’m demanding it because that is my child. I am his sole caregiver. No, I am his sole caregiver. I’m telling you right now, I promise you that this will not go over well for anybody involved if you all don’t go get my son.”

Police: “I’m going to need you to sit down. Or just hang out right here, okay?”

Father: “And I’m going to need somebody to go get my son.”

Police: “There’s a disruption of school activities that I don’t want to charge you with, okay?”

Father: “You can play these games if you want.”

Police: “That’s what I said. I don’t want to do that, okay?”

Father: “All right?”

Police: “So, hang out here, okay?”

Father: “I’m giving you five minutes, and I’m posting a video and making it viral. I’m telling you right now, if somebody doesn’t go get my son, I promise you it will happen. If you would like to go check, I promise you. If I post this video, it’s going to go viral. And I’m asking you right now to just go get my son because now you’re holding my son hostage. That is not how this works.”

Police: “No, the school has a care and custody agreement. They have to make sure your son is okay. That’s our job.”

Father: “No, I’m coming to get my son to make sure he’s okay. That’s the point. I’m coming to get my son so I can make sure he’s okay. I am here. I am his parent. I am asking for him. That is it. You can sit here and try to twist the words all you want. I know the law, too. So you can say whatever you like. But I’m telling you right now, I need my son. I’m his caregiver. I’m his sole guardian.”

Police: “I’m going to get him checked out.”

Father: “All right. That’s fine. Listen, I’m just making it known that I do not give consent to anything that you are doing. I’m making it known that I’m saying right now, and I’ve been saying for the last hour that I would like to see my son, and you’re denying it. I am making it known right now that it has been over an hour since you told me that there may be something wrong with my child, and I have still got no information from anybody. You’ve been here for the past 20, 30 minutes now. Yes. And so what I’m saying is that it doesn’t make sense for someone to say, ‘Hey, look, your son might be going through something. Something might be wrong with your child. I think you should come up here,’ and then I get here, and no one allows me to see, talk to you, or tell me anything about what’s going on with my child. And so now it’s been over and over. And I’ve been asking for my son this entire time.”

@theprototype88The principal wouldnt come out but this cop could care less about what im saying he just wants to do what they tell him. They are literally holding my son hostage♬ original sound – King B

Later updates from King B clarified that his son was eventually diagnosed with rhinovirus—commonly known as the common cold—and no substances were found in his system after a hospital visit. He criticized the school for assuming the worst without proper evidence or parental consultation, ultimately attributing his son’s appearance to a combination of the virus, allergies, and recent family bereavements that had affected his son’s mental health.

“There was no signs of abuse or assumption that there was any, or neglect, or mistreatment. He did not have any type of substances in his system after all these hours at the hospital and everything else. He was sick. I told him that he was sick, and I told him that he was depressed. My son and I and my kids have all been dealing with a lot. My mother’s passing, their grandfather’s passing, their uncle’s passing, their cousin passing. It’s been a lot,” King B. said in an update.

The school later shifted its concern to the boy’s mental health, suggesting he might pose a risk to himself — a claim that the father felt was a cover-up for their earlier assumptions and mishandling of the situation.

“This could have been handled so much differently if they had just talked to me,” King B stated in a follow-up video. “They jumped to conclusions and made it a mental health issue to cover their initial mistake.”

@theprototype88He has rhinovirus everybody thats it! No substances in his system♬ original sound – King B

In another update, King B also addressed whether he has custody of his son.

“The point of the matter is, if they were trying to keep my child safe or it was a court order, he would not be in my custody directly after. If that was what it was all about, he wouldn’t have been left at the hospital by himself with only me,” he said.

@theprototype88 Replying to @Britt Marie ♬ original sound – King B

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