GET READY: Marjorie Taylor Greene Urges America to Brace For a ‘Summer of Jihad’ Funded By Biden’s Donors

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Georgia Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene has warned Americans to brace for a “Summer of Jihad” as pro-Palestinian activists expand their protests across the country.

Greene made the comments in response to a video shared by journalist Ian Miles Cheong showing a pro-Palestinian crowd in New York City threatening to “escalate” their threats.

“It is the time to escalate!” a speaker chants as the crowd. “Whatever you have, wherever you are — join us! Because this is the time to escalate!”

“They’re calling for a massive escalation in violence,” Cheong wrote. “Summer of Love 2.0 here we come.”

The term ‘Summer of Love’ is a reference to the Black Lives Matter riots that took place over the summer of 2020, trashing many towns, cities and neighborhoods with unashamed acts of disorder, looting and violence.

“You mean Summer of Jihad. People claim this is hurting Biden, but will it hurt him by November?” Greene responded. “After all it’s the same playbook and timing as 2020 funded by Biden’s biggest donors. Seems like they have a plan to help Biden.”

Over the weekend, Politico reported that despite calling Joe Biden as “Genocide Joe,” anti-Israel protesters receive much of their financial backing from wealthy Democratic donors.

Greene, meanwhile, has never made any secret of her pro-Israel position. Following the October 7th massacre last November, she indicated her support for our great “friend and ally Israel as they declare war against Islamic terrorists.”

“Over 1,000 Iran backed Hamas terrorists invaded Israel, slaughtering Israeli citizens, right at the end of Sukkot, the feast of tabernacles,” she wrote at the time. “Make no mistake this is Islam’s “holy” war and their ultimate goal is to wipe out all of Israel. America will not allow it.”

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