Georgia GOP State Convention: State Election Board Member Apologizes for Years-Long Delay in Hearing Critical Election Complaint


This weekend, the Georgia GOP held their state convention in Columbus, Georgia amidst chaos after a year of politically-charged indictments and election exposés.

For example, while President Trump is being indicted along 18 original co-defendants for challenging the 2020 Election results in the Peach State, former Fulton County Board of Registration and Elections (BRE) member Mark Wingate testified that no signature verification was done on mail-in ballots in Fulton during the 2020 election.  He also stated that Fulton County didn’t provide anything, “not even a sampling,” in regards to chain of custody for the “most secure election ever.”

Wingate and another Fulton County BRE member would ultimately vote not to certify the vote, while the three others voted to do so, despite missing signature verification and chain of custody documents.

On May 7th, 2024, the State Election Board (SEB) met and discussed the investigation report from the Georgia Secretary of State’s office regarding SEB complaint 2024-025 brought by Kevin Moncla of the Election Oversight Group and Joe Rossi.  The Gateway Pundit has covered this complaint and the SEB previously.

During the hearing, SEB member Dr. Jan Johnston asked many questions of the investigators and the counsel for Fulton County that were present.  This included missing ballot images, missing .sha validation files, duplicate ballots, voting tabulators that are missing adequate and required documentation, and more.

This weekend, Dr. Johnston addressed the Georgia GOP State Convention.  During her speech, she pointed out how insecure our elections are in comparison to other functions:


One county.  Three counts.  Three different results.  380,761 ballot images from one county, from Election Day, on the first count, that are not found.

“17,875 ballot images from the recount that cannot be found.  Thousands of ballots, or vote counts, that were duplicated.

“Think about it.  First count: 528,776.  Second count:  525,293.  Third count: 511,727.  Final count of 527,925.  Those numbers don’t match.

Let me tell you…I’m an old surgeon.  When I operate, we count every needle.  Every sponge.  And every instrument that used in the operating room when we operate on the patient.  We count them by hand.  We count them three times.  And if they don’t match, we don’t leave the operating room.

“After three years of the diligent and dedicated hard work of a middle-Georgia engineer who complained about the counts not being correct in this one county, it took us three years to hear this case.  

And I apologize profusely to Mr. Joe Rossi and Mr. Kevin Moncla for taking so long.”


The above-mentioned individuals plan to file a new complaint demanding they be allowed to respond to the investigation presented to the SEB.  A recently enacted policy at the SEB has now forbidden complainants from being able to speak at the hearing concerning their complaint.

At least one of the complainants has come under tremendous scrutiny since this complaint was finally heard.  If you would like to donate to help with legal expenses and continued investigations in SEB Complaint 2023-025, you can donate here.



Dr. Johnston also makes a reference to “61 million views on [X],” after Tesla CEO and X owner Elon Musk retweeted a clip from that SEB Meeting:

During the Georgia State Election Board meeting on May 7th, Georgia SOS General Counsel Charlene McGowan assured us numerous times that the paper ballots are the most imporant thing for the count and that they are in agreement.  However, Garland Favorito and VoterGA are now going on more than 500 days since the Georgia Supreme Court gave their ballot inspection lawsuit standing and sent it back to the lower courts for a hearing.  500 days.

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